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How to start a bar that's different to existing establishments

25th April 2018 Print

As an entrepreneur, you are faced with many opportunities and challenges. Pursuing your dreams and opening your own business is exciting, but you also want it to be successful. Perhaps you have dreams of setting out to open your own bar in town. Typically, most towns are going to already have at least a couple of existing bars in them, which means you have the added challenge of figuring out what out how you will set your bar apart from the competition. Finding that unique angle and approach can be tricky, but this is what can help carve out your niche and really create a name for your establishment.

Here, we’ll take a look at some tips that will help you start a bar that is different to the ones that already exist.

Establish What Kind of Bar You Want to Be

First things first, you need an identity. This means establishing what kind of bar you want it to be. Do you want to be a sports bar, a friendly neighborhood bar, a beer or brewpub bar, or more of a specialty bar?

Make Customer Service a Top Priority

Bar patrons have any number of bars they could choose from, so getting them into yours is a big deal. Their experience should begin the moment they walk through the doors. You do this by making them feel appreciated, welcomed, and valued. Customer service should always be a top priority, which means hiring friendly and competent staff that will not only get the job done but do so in a fun way. 

Choose Décor that Pops

Another way to make your bar feel different is to actually make it look different by choosing the right décor. You can start with a theme and then start to build on it, carrying it throughout the whole bar so you are creating a unique experience. It can also be worth investing in high-quality furniture that will be durable and stand the test of time. Search for commercial bar stools for sale that will not only fit your budget but will also fit in with the décor and atmosphere. The same goes for any tables or booths you plan to install.

Set Up Speciality Nights

Nothing attracts a crowd faster than a great promotion. Bars are notorious for holding special nights like half-price shooters, ladies drink free for the first two hours, free cover charge before a set time, sports trivia night, etc. You have to find promotions that fit with the look and theme of your bar, and then ensure you’re doing everything possible to promote them. Social networks are often the best place to do your bar promotions.

Always Focus on Being Unique

In order to be a successful bar, there really needs to be a focus on being a unique establishment, one that patrons can’t find anywhere else. This is how you will carve your niche in your town and start to build a group of loyal customers.