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Find your centre through yoga, meditation and clay

13th November 2012 Print
Finding Centre

Looking for a yoga holiday with a difference? Wanting to gain inner balance? Find your centre via yoga and clay.

Fivelements luxury healing resort in Bali is launching a new retreat programme, Finding Centre. Designed to help the guests find their spiritual and emotional centre, this retreat offers a unique combination of balancing yoga practice, meditation and creative potter’s wheel workshops.

The journey starts with a full-body prana energy balancing session and an introduction to Wisdom of the Body, a personal somatic coaching session. It then progresses through a cumulative focus on each of the five elements of the nature, focusing on the earth element, and the mental and physical relationship of clay to whole body awareness.

Various meditative exercises, illuminating readings, reflective journaling, chanting of Sanskrit mantras and an awakening practice of Sivananda Yoga are also on the programme. A deep interaction with clay will help build the inner confidence and awareness while throwing on a potter's wheel.

During this creative form of personal and spiritual growth the guests will get a literal look within and get empowered with new possibilities of balancing their external life choices.

The retreat is available from January 2013 for 3, 5 and 7 nights. Prices from £990. For more details, visit

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Finding Centre