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Removing the divide between indoors and outside

28th November 2012 Print
Rattan furniture set, ideal for indoors or outside.

Creating outside living spaces is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and you may want to extend your home into the garden so that you can take advantage of the biggest ‘room’ in the house. The number of home workers in England is increasing, and tablets and laptops mean that you can now easily move your home office outdoors on nice days. Alternatively, you might like relaxing in the garden whilst enjoying a book or inviting friends round for barbeques and parties. Whilst rooms within a house are joined for functional ease, the garden can often be slightly removed. However, there are a number of steps that you can take to make the transition between home and garden far easier.


The location of your outside space is very important. Whilst a patio or deck area acts as a focal area for gatherings of family and friends, the specific placement of your outdoor room is crucial to the way in which it is used. You are far more likely to utilise your outside room if it’s a mere step through the door, rather than if it’s at the other end of the garden.

After trying to ensure that your outdoor space is situated in a good place, you should remove as many barriers as possible. Patio doors are ideal for this, helping to link the two areas with minimal invasion. Whilst investing in folding glass doors that run the length of a room will allow you to enjoy the warmer weather inside when the sun shines, and will lessen the indoor/outdoor divide.


If you have a larger budget, then creating an intermediate room between your home and garden is a great way to link indoor and outdoor spaces. Conservatories and sunrooms are perfect for creating fluidic movement between different areas of your home and their uses are very versatile too. Whilst you might think that adding a room would differentiate your spaces further, it’ll actually help you to move from one to another with ease, adding cohesion to your layout.


Furniture and décor will help make the transition from indoor to outdoor living even more subtle. Synthetic rattan furniture, for instance, looks great indoors and outdoors, and by using the same furniture in both spaces the overall design will be a lot more cohesive. When you have large gatherings it will also allow you to combine 2 sets of furniture seamlessly come rain or shine. Rattan furniture has gained a lot of popularity in recent years & large selections can be seen at sites like

Extending the home and creating an outside space is becoming increasingly important to people in the UK. And, whether you decide to build a conservatory, invest in sliding glass doors or create a deck that you can step straight onto from your home, easing the transition between house and garden is essential if you want to use your outdoor space as much as possible.

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Rattan furniture set, ideal for indoors or outside.