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30+ skin, how to care and prevent wrinkles

28th November 2012 Print
Vital Defence

As you arrive into your 30's your skin cells slowly lose their ability to regenerate and fine lines and wrinkles may start to become visible around the face and neck area.

Skin starts to thicken as cells are not being replaced as quickly as before which inevitably results in skin becoming drier with a more uneven skin tone beginning to appear.

If you haven't already started, now would be a good time to introduce antioxidants into your skincare regime. Most importantly, however, daily use of an SPF is crucial to avoid worsening any existing and protecting your skin from future sun damage.

Vital Defense – Moisturiser

Vital Defense is the 4-in-1 solution, providing Anti-Ageing Prevention, Antioxidant, Anti-Pollution and Intense Hydration all in one luxurious cream.

Specially formulated to fight the stress of oxidation caused by damaging environmental factors the intensely moisturizing Vital Defense cream contains high-performance plant extracts that help the skin preserve its youthfulness. The result of which means the epidermis quickly recovers a healthy, glowing appearance of softness, comfort, suppleness, and luminosity: all qualities of well-oxygenated, stress-free skin with newfound vitality.

RRP: £42.00

Fruitelia - Emulsion

This cellular renewal is perfect for 30's skin which has slowed down the regeneration of cells. It hydrates and clarifies the complexion smoothing away any fine lines and restores softness and suppleness. It also has anti-oxidant properties such as Rice Oil & Vitamin E. Other active ingredients consist of: Wild pansy, marine peptides, mimosa tenuiflora and fruit extracts.

RRP: £54.00

Eye & Weekly treatments.

The eye area and a 1-3 times a week treatment should not be forgotten as eyes are one of the areas which show signs of ageing first.

Nutri-Contour - Eye cream

With hazelnut oil, Nutri-Contour is Yon-Ka's wrinkle prevention star for the eyes and lips. This anti-free radical cream is rich in anti-oxidant vitamins which prevent dry eye contours and chapped lips whilst successfully delaying the signs of aging and the appearance of expression lines. Again, use sparingly in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning.

RRP: £32.00

Masque No. 1 - Weekly mask

A gel cream mask with delicate floral aromas clinically proven to provide time-released hydration: 54% after 1 hour and 96% after  8hours. This mask is ideal for damaged or dehydrated skin as it provides intense hydration and smoothes away fine lines & wrinkles. Should be left on for 20-60 minutes and removed accordingly. Alternatively, leave it on overnight whilst sleeping in order to achieve ultimate hydration. Can also be worn with gloves for dry hands.

RRP: £40.00

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Vital Defence