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Visit The Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean

6th December 2012 Print

Dominica is known as the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean, as the only country in the world where the Sperm whale lives year round.  Plus with 22 of the 33 known cetacean species seen in Dominica it really is a whale watchers paradise.

For a lover of the underwater world Dominica is a diver's dream. Pristine reefs, dramatic walls, underwater hot springs and spectacular marine life await, accompanied with environmental awareness. Dominica's waters are home to at least twenty species of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). 

Dominica has become known as the 'Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean' simply because the chance of seeing whales and dolphins on any excursion is extremely high - 90% of trips have success! Strict codes of conduct are followed during excursions by the eco-conscious operators as they do not lure the whales and they strive to minimize disturbing them.

Sperm whales are the reason most people visit, since they are found year-round, with encounters most likely between the months of October to March - Dominica is the only country in the world where the Sperm Whale lives all year long. Other cetaceans that can be seen are pilot whales, pygmy whales, Atlantic spinner dolphin and the spotted dolphin.  Plus you may see the elusive little Pygmy Sperm, False Killer Whales and the Atlantic Bottlenose whale.

The reason for the fantastic array of whales is Dominica's sheer underwater drop-offs that create deep sheltered bays along its western coastline - the perfect haven for the Sperm Whale to breed and calve.

For more information on holidays in Dominica and whale watching that are run responsibly, visit

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