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The best place in the world to experience Arctic wildlife

8th February 2021 Print
Polar bear

There is no time like to present to start planning epic journeys of a lifetime. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life to feel the rush of adventure on a wildlife expedition across the Arctic. Instead of traffic jams get stuck behind a circus of Atlantic puffins as you embark on an unforgettable wildlife voyage. Perhaps the only place in the world to experience the most remarkable Arctic wildlife is a captivating island of natural wonder located in a must visit Norwegian archipelago. 

Spitsbergen: The Wildlife Capital of the Arctic 

A trip to Spitsbergen, Norway should be at the top of every travel list for lovers of natural beauty and wildlife enthusiast alike. The largest island of the Svalbard archipelago, Spitsbergen is known to be the wildlife capital of the Arctic. Truly channel your inner explorer without the risk of getting lost to the tundra by embarking on a guided journey with Quark Expeditions, the leader of polar adventures. 

Prepare yourself for breathtaking views of the natural landscape of fjords and glaciers as you head off on an unforgettable search for Arctic wildlife. Make sure to grab your warmest parka and camera with the best lens, because you will want to capture memories of all the amazing wildlife that call the magical island of Spitsbergen home. 

Spitsbergen Wildlife to Observe 

There is an exuberant array of Arctic species that call the exquisite island of Spitsbergen and its surrounding waters of the Svalbard region their home. A cruise through this harsh environment is well worth the effort, as it gives you a chance to witness some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic wildlife up close. The Svalbard Arctic ecosystem is arguably the best place in the world to see polar bears, the most iconic resident of the region. 

For anyone seeking a breathtaking moment in life, there is nothing quite like the stunning view of polar bears walking among the natural backdrop of mountains and ice. Observe spectacular creatures above and below, like the chance to see some of roughly 200 Arctic bird species such as the ivory gull or the thick-billed murre. Make sure to set your sight on the horizon to catch a glimpse of a whale or look to shore in hope that walruses are hauling-out of the icy water to take rest on the coastline. 

Being able to take part in a firsthand experience of Arctic wildlife, like observing the Svalbard reindeer, is perhaps the most amazing way to see the uninterrupted beauty of these creatures flourishing in their natural environment. With that said, since an Arctic excursion is a natural way to observe wildlife in their habitats, make sure to plan travel during the watching season for whichever species you most hope for a chance to see. For instance, the best time to see puffins is during peak season in May. 

Nevertheless, no matter which season the trip is planned for, Spitsbergen is sure to be the best place in the world for an Arctic wildlife experience!

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Polar bear