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Brits will be more cautious in 2013

17th December 2012 Print

Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) Brits say they will be more cautious in 2013, with 7 per cent believing that the ‘13' year is a bad omen for things to come.

The new research, commissioned by comparison site, found that many Brits are putting off making big purchases or taking life changing decisions because of the risk of the number 13 bringing them bad luck.

9% of Brits would avoid buying a car with a ‘13' registration plate

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry in the Republic of Ireland was so concerned that buyers would be put off buying cars registered as ‘13', that it was one of the reasons they approached the Government asking for the 2013 year identifier to be modified to 131 instead. From next year cars registered in the Republic of Ireland during the first half of the year will have a 131 registration and those registered in the second half of the year will have a 132 registration. The half year registration system will continue from then on.

3% of Brits are putting off getting married in 2013
4% are considering starting a new business but want to avoid doing so in 2013
14% would not buy a house or flat if it was number 13
7% would ask for a different hotel room if the one they were given ended in 13
21% of Brits say they are more cautious on a Friday the 13th
11% try to avoid all association with the number 13
Fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia.

Although 22 per cent of Brits admit to feeling uneasy about the number 13, only 7 per cent say that 13 has actually been an unlucky number for them. They may be surprised to learn that more than double that (16%) believe that the number 13 has actually brought them good luck.

John Miles,'s business development director, commented: "It's difficult to pin down the exact root of the belief that the number 13 is somehow unlucky and in some cultures, such as in Tibet and Italy, 13 is actually seen as a lucky number.

"From an insurance point of view it will be interesting to look back over 2013 to see if there are an increased number of claims for accidents. However, there's also the possibility that claim numbers may fall as a result of people generally being more cautious and careful because of the number 13 connection. Time will tell whether 2013 turns out to be a lucky or unlucky year, but you can protect yourself from many misfortunes by making sure you have appropriate insurance."