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How the British brand has survived the recession

18th December 2012 Print
Morrison Jackets

We all know that in the last few years the recession may have made you think twice about going shopping and splashing out on a few new outfits.

However, in some recent research done it has shown that the psychological and emotional power of shopping should not be undervalued! Therefore it should not always be avoided in times of despair!

It has also been revealed that the reason luxury brands, especially luxury brands with a British Heritage have survived this bleak economic crisis is because people want to buy into brands that have a story and a reason behind their more expensive items.

Holland Cooper falls into that luxury brand category with a very strong British link. Their tweed is woven in the UK by the best manufacturers ensuring only the highest quality. It is then sent to the Holland Cooper studio, located in the heart of Suffolk where the team hand-cut the material ready to be made into one of Holland Cooper's unique garments. It is then sent to a variety of outworkers and specialist manufacturers (all in the UK) where the garment is created.

Although Holland Cooper may be nearer the top of your budget, the garment you would be buying would be an investment piece- carefully hand cut and put together with the upmost care it is a luxury that will last you a very long time.

So next time you think about treating yourself with a new item, don't think about buying yourself something for one night...your Christmas party, a wedding maybe, think about the investment into something that will stay with you, and has a story behind it.

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