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Keep bugs at bay the natural way

20th December 2012 Print
Mosi-guard Natural Spray

As the British winter looms, many of us get set to jet off to sunnier climes for the festive period. But, while it’s only too satisfying to ditch the winter woollies and pack that bikini, travel guide and sunnies, make sure you also pack powerful protection for the whole family with Mosi-guard Natural.

Offering protection against a wide range of biting insects, ticks and leeches, Mosi-guard Natural’s highly effective formulation is free from DEET, a synthetic chemical used widely in repellents. Instead Mosi-guard Natural uses Citriodiol, nature’s most effective repellent, which is derived from Lemon Eucalyptus Oil. In trials, Citriodiol has demonstrated effective protection for up to 8 hours after a single application.

With a fresh, clean scent, Mosi-guard Natural is suitable for use on adults and children from the age of three months and can be used in high and low risk areas where malaria and other insect transmitted diseases are present. From sticks and roll-ons, to sprays and creams, Mosi-guard Natural offers a range of formats to suit. Choose from:

Mosi-guard Natural Stick
A handy, compact stick which is easy to apply and fits neatly into your pocket.
RRP £7.29 (50ml)

Mosi-guard Natural Spray
This clever pump spray contains no propellants and as with all Mosi-guard products it is DEET free meaning it will not harm skin or plastics.
RRP £7.69 (100ml)

Mosi-guard Extra Spray
This extra strength formulation contains a higher concentration of Citriodiol for added protection.
RRP £8.49 (100ml)

Mosi-guard Natural Cream
For those preferring a cream application, just like all other products in the range, Mosi-guard Natural Cream should be applied evenly and liberally to exposed skin when necessary.
RRP £7.69 (100ml).

Mosi-guard Natural Roll-on.
This neat little roll-on is the perfect size to slip into your pocket when you’re on the go in the great outdoors.
RRP £7.29 (100ml).

Mosi-guard Natural is made from a natural and renewable resource and is kind to your skin. Available now from (with free p+p) and all good independent pharmacies.

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Mosi-guard Natural Spray