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Nationwide halves balance transfer fee

27th December 2012 Print

Anyone now opening Nationwide Building Society's Credit Card or Select Card online via will benefit from a 50 per cent discount on the balance transfer fee. This, in addition to the introductory offer of 20 months 0% interest on transferred balances, makes Nationwide's credit cards useful for those trying to manage their debts.

The reduced fee of 1.55% and introductory offers above are only applicable if the balance transfer occurs within the first three months of the card being opened.

Paul Carvell, Nationwide's head of credit cards, said: "This is the time of year when people consider how best to manage expenditure made before Christmas.

"Transferring a balance often comes with a fee attached, which is then added to the existing debt. By halving the balance transfer fee on our credit cards, people will have some peace of mind that they can deal with their existing debt while keeping costs to a minimum.

"With the extra benefits that come with our credit cards, such as the 0% introductory offers, cashback, low APR and commission-free purchases abroad, this latest offer really demonstrates the all-round strength of Nationwide's credit cards."