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Detox, hydrate and brighten your complexion with H20 Plus

1st January 2013 Print

After a holiday season of late nights and partying, your skin may need a new year boost. Detox, hydrate and brighten with H20 Plus. Through its unique marine-based concept, products are formulated using sea-sourced nutrients, marine botanicals and plant extracts to reveal remarkably fresh, younger-looking skin

Mattifying Cleansing Mousse  150ml (£15.00) -  A cleansing mousse formulated with Olive leaf extract to reduce bacteria and fight against breakouts.  Providing a  daily deep pore cleanse  to rinse away impurities and remove all traces of makeup from the skin, the  unique mattifying solution will  also help to reduce surface shine.

Gentle Creamy Cleanser 120ml (£14.00) - An extra-gentle cleanser that lifts away impurities, soothes and calms sensitive skin, whilst protecting against the visible effects of exposure.  It contains a unique blend of Spirulina, algae packed with antioxidants to protect  from environmental pollutants , combined with Almond and Coconut Milk. Providing a deep clean, this creamy cleanser combats sensitivity by aiding the skin's natural resiliency.

Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Scrub  75ml (£14.00) - Designed to use twice per week to buff and polish skin. Containing Polyethylene Beads shaped to provide gentle exfoliation without  irritation to leave the complexion fresh and glowing. For optimum results use the Sea Mineral Scrub prior to moisturising to allow the sea mineral complex to prepare skin for maximum nutrient absorption.

De-Stress Marine Gel Mask  100ml (£17.50) - Gel textured mask formulated  to calm stressed  and irritated skin. Containing Red Marine Algae, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Extracts, it works to soothe and rescue skin affected by environmental stresses and will actively reduce redness. Use when necessary  to de-stress the complexion.

Sea Results Overnight Perfecting Peel  30ml (£25.00) - Suitable for all skin types, this overnight treatment diminishes imperfections to reveal a revitalised & radiant complexion. A concentrated formula of AHA'S and BHA'S help to smooth deep set wrinkles and soften the skin whilst refining pores.

Ultra Hydrator 50ml (£32.50) - For very dry skin the Ultra Hydrator is as effective as 8 glasses of water, with a dose of vitamins thrown in for good measure! Replenish your skin with a dose of antioxidants whilst  light reflecting  particles will create an illuminating and dewy finish.

Sea Salt Skin Smoother 680g (£20.00) Purifying Sea Salt combined with Sweet Almond Oil and a unique Anti-Ageing Marine Blend to provide a gentle yet effective exfoliation for the body. After showering, swirl sea salts and oil together, then massage onto damp skin, paying special attention to dry areas. Rinse and  gently pat dry to reveal a natural glow. Use twice weekly or as needed for beautifully polished skin.