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Citroen’s success in the Business Car Manager Awards

4th January 2013 Print

Reflecting its continuing growth in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) vehicle fleets, Citroen has just won Best Finance and Service Package for SMEs in the Business Car Manager SME Company Car of the Year Awards in association with MAGMA Automotive Solutions.
Ralph Morton, Editor of Business Car Manager, said; "The judges considered Citroen’s consistently competitive finance packages, backed up by fixed price maintenance packages, to be outstanding in this fiercely price sensitive sector of the market. Add in the quick-off-the-mark support packages for the new DS line and it made the Citroen offering compelling in the SME market."
Citroen provides tailored finance and servicing packages to meet the needs of the SME sector. For example, the expanding range of DS models currently includes a complimentary 3 year Servicing and Assistance Package that is available at no cost to qualifying SME customers. This Servicing and Assistance Package includes all servicing for 3 years or 35,000 miles (whichever comes first), as well as 3 years’ roadside assistance.
Citroen Contract Motoring (CCM) has always been an SME-friendly source of vehicle funding and continues to grow its business in this sector. This growth has been underpinned byCitroen’s dealer network and dedicated Business Centres. Citroen Business Centre staff are not only able to advise SMEs on the best Citroen vehicle to meet their operational requirements, they can also recommend the optimum CCM financial product to meet cash flow and taxation needs.
Scott Michael, Citroen’s Head of Commercial Vehicles & Business Centre Programme, commented; “Citroen is delighted to see its work with and growing success in the SME sector recognised in winning Business Car Manager’sBest Finance and Service Package for SMEs. This award not only recognised Citroen’s work with SME customers, but also the hard work undertaken by our Business Centres and dealership staff.”

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