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Let your skin sparkle with stardust in 2013

10th January 2013 Print

We are all searching for the latest technology to bring us skin that looks as fresh as a daisy with lines and wrinkles softened to reveal younger more beautiful skin. Celestial Secret brings you exactly that! It's independently tried and tested ingredients deeply re-mineralise the skin making it look younger and feel firmer and lifted. This unique anti aging youth elixir complimented with an exclusive professional treatment is literally from outer space. Formulated with patented Meteorite Stardust Extract combined with terrestrial mineral and vegetal ingredients, it works to recuperate and seal the skin barrier for a firm, moist, luminous youthful skin.

This spatial ingredient is rich in Calcium, Iron and Magnesium allowing a maximum level of skin permeability unknown in other earthly minerals and never previously used in skincare on planet earth.

For centuries, meteorites have fascinated scientists and researchers worldwide. Over 4.5 billion years old, infinitely rich in minerals unknown to our planet, this revolutionary extract has opened the door to a new line of research with surprisingly unexpected results in skin care.

The Meteorite Stardust Extract manages the facial signs of ageing by firming, protecting and stimulating cellular regeneration as well as strengthening the skins barrier to help thicken the skin and therefore minimise wrinkle formation. Celestial Secret Elixir is enriched with maximum concentration of four terrestrial minerals: Hematite Extract, Rodochrosite Extract, Olivine Extract and Smithsonite Extract plus two vegetal extracts: Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract and Beech Bud Extract to help the skin appear firmer and more youthful.

Celestial Secret includes a professional spa treatment, made up of four professional-only products applied with a signature remodelling, anti-stress massage and the amazing anti aging youth elixir.

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