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Modern women leaning towards evenings in with the girls

24th January 2013 Print

Modern women enjoy a night in even more than a night out - and even dress up for the occasion, it has been revealed. Researchers, who asked 2,000 women under the age of 40 to rate aspects of nights in and nights out, found an increasing trend towards eventful evenings spent at home.

The results also revealed many prefer nights in because they are quieter, cheaper, there is no queuing at busy bars and they are not at the mercy of the weather.

One third of those polled said they have become disillusioned with nights out, while more than eight in ten feeling a night on the town is 'not what it used to be.'

The study, which was commissioned by Ladbrokes Bingo, found women are also increasingly opting for nights in with friends because they can choose their own music, enjoy comfy chairs and avoid sore feet while enjoying proper conversation.

The research also found a tendency to stay in is driven by no risk of bumping into an ex, queuing for the bar or losing a purse.

A spokeswoman for Ladbrokes Bingo said: ''The results show that, while a night out or on the dance floor is still enjoyed, more and more women are favouring nights spent with their best friends at home.

''That doesn't mean they are any less exciting. It's clear girls enjoy the freedom of having a night where they can choose their own activities, share a game and a glass of wine and guarantee the quality time together they might not get in a noisy club or bar.

''While the glamour's clearly not lost either - in fact many women clearly find a night in more exciting than hitting the town and still don their best outfits and a pair of heels for the event.

''Results indicate a clear rise in nights in seeming trendier than in the past.''

It also emerged seven in ten women under 40 claim they much prefer socialising in their own homes or at a friends' house, rather than be made to experience the local nightlife.

In fact, a night in with friends proved more than twice as popular as going to the pub, and eight times more popular than going to a nightclub.

Avoiding harsh weather, saving money in tough times and staying clear of leering men were just some of the biggest reasons for avoiding the clubs.

Being able to hear each other and enjoy good gossip and conversation also proved a big deciding factor.

Breaking exciting news is usually saved for the nights in - 89% of women say they save big announcements like engagements or pregnancy for these occasions, rather than on a night out.

Three quarters still like to get dressed up for a girls' night in, with more than half still likely to don a pair of their best high heels to add a bit of glamour.

And turns out that the age 27 was revealed as the time in a girls' life where she moves to want to stay in more, instead choosing to host dinner parties rather than brave the Saturday night club life.

Two thirds of women feel a night in with the girls guarantees more fun than a night on the tiles.

The perfect girls' night in requires five mates on average, with men, sex and relationships dominating the conversation.

In fact, 48% say much of what gets discussed could never be talked about were there any men present.

Two in three say playing a game or two guarantees a perfect night in - while wine and takeaway complete the formula.

The Ladbrokes Bingo spokeswoman continued: ''Of course the lure of a dance floor will always be there for most women, but the results unearthed age 27 as the time they begin to change their socialising.

''Whatever your age, finding the time for a night with your best friends is the key to getting the most from life, and when girls get together in the comfort of their own homes it's seems that's when the fun really begins.''

Biggest hates for a night out

1. Long queues at the bar
2. Toilets not having any toilet paper
3. Paying to get in to a club or bar
4. Long queues to get in to club or bar
5. Sore feet
6. Long queue for the toilet
7. Drink dropped over your outfit
8. Caught in the rain before the night has even started
9. Toilets not having a lock
10. Long wait for a taxi at the end of the night
11. Being leered at by men
12. Having to look after a friend who is really drunk
13. Laddered your tights early in evening
14. Girl in heels steps on your foot
15. Awful music all night
16. Toilet tissue stuck to your shoe
17. Fallen over in front of a crowd
18. Seeing an ex
19. Lose phone, coat or purse
20. You're sick in public

Biggest pros for a night in

1. Doesn't cost as much
2. General chit-chat
3. Comfy chairs
4. No queues for the toilet
5. No queues for the bar
6. Choose your own music all night
7. Can make your own drinks / cocktails
8. You can take your heels off if your feet start to hurt
9. You can wait in the warm and dry if you need a taxi
10. Gossiping without it falling on the wrong ears
11. No sleazy men
12. There's usually a lock on the door
13. Dress up and not be judged
14. If you lose anything, it won't be hard to find it
15. If you fall over, you're amongst friends!
16. Music can be as loud as you want it to be
17. No chance of bumping in to an ex
18. No babysitter
19. Less chance of having to look after a very drunk friend
20. Safe to reveal a big announcement

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