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Take on the world’s biggest wave with The Perfect Wave!

2nd February 2013 Print

This week, off the Algarve coast of Portugal, Garrett McNamara, one of the world’s finest surfers, took on and conquered the world’s highest wave – a mammoth 30m (100ft) – beating the previous record of 78ft which he also held.

The huge walls of water known as ‘swell waves’ can travel thousands of miles across the Atlantic from as far west as the Caribbean.

Off the Algarve coast of Portugal lurks the Nazare Canyon, which is an underwater valley the size of the Grand Canyon and which helps to concentrate the waves’ energy.

As the water becomes shallower the waves slow down while maintaining their energy, so they become bigger. The gradient of the shoreline at the head of the canyon is ideal for producing plunging breakers which surfers love.

Then all that is required is a lot of skill, a steady nerve and, arguably, a degree of madness!

The Perfect Wave is Europe’s leading surfing holiday company and in celebration of Garrett’s record breaking achievement, has cut 15% off the price of a week’s learn to surf holiday in the Algarve for all trips from now until 24 March.

So, in no time at all, you too will be ready to take on one of these massive swells!

With 2 coastlines of waves to offer, the Algarve is a year round surf destination and the pumping swell lasts from October to May.

All lessons are taught by qualified BSA (British Surf Instructor) and FPS (Portuguese Surf Federation) coaches, either side of a hearty lunch. All equipment is supplied (surfboard, wetsuit, leash, rash vest etc) and beginner's lessons are taught in waist deep water riding the white water, learning to turn and finally paddling outside and learning how to catch your first 'green' (unbroken) waves.

The holiday costs from £278 pp (two sharing), which includes 7-nights’ B&B (large surf-house with ensuite rooms), 5-day surf course and equipment, picnic lunch and beach transfers.

For more information, visit