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Splash! causes ripple effect in swimwear sales

4th February 2013 Print
Khaki ikat print bikini

Swimwear sales have seen a surge on the high street courtesy of the TV show Splash!

Retailer Debenhams says thousands of people, inspired by the dramatic new swimsuit designs chosen by contestants, are revamping their own swimwear to match.

And for the first time, more women are buying more tight fitting, revealing bikini style swimwear rather than conservative one piece suits - while men are switching to tighter lycra briefs, also known as “budgie smugglers”.

Said Debenhams spokeswoman Helen Lacey: “Everyone is determined to make a splash on the beaches this year. Many of the contestants on this TV show are proving to be an inspiration for millions of people with their skimpy, spangly swimwear. ”

Sight of the well toned bodies of Caprice and Charlotte Jackson has sent online sales of women’s skimpy swimwear soaring as soon as the programme ended. Slim, muscular Anthony Ogogo had the same effect upon the briefest of men’s briefs moments later.

In store sales leapt the next day, with demand for swimwear rising by an incredible 58 per cent – despite the cold weather.

The surprisingly svelte figure of 51-year-old Linda Barker also causes sales to rise as she showed older women across the nation that age is no barrier to mature women looking wonderful.

But not all of the sales were due to customers determined to show off their shapely figures this summer.

A much smaller but similar spike in swimwear occurred after portly comedian Omid Djalili performed a swan dive from the ten metre board.

Experts believe he may given men who have similar, more rounded builds the courage to venture into the swim wear department for the first time in years.

Said Debenhams spokeswoman Helen Lacey: “Because these celebs have had the courage to present themselves, in swimsuits, to the entire nation everyone is thinking, “if they can do it, so can I”.

“The result is that we’re now seeing men and women demonstrating their new found body confidence by ditching one piece swimsuits in favour of smaller, more revealing bikini style garments and tighter swim shorts.“

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Khaki ikat print bikini