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Penchant for antique furniture - Sourcing, a growing trend

22nd February 2013 Print

There is nothing more satisfying than walking into a room in your house, lovingly and painstakingly furnished with an array of antiques, each with its’ own character and individuality. It takes your breath away and fills you with joy, no matter how often you lay eyes on them. But where did they all come from?

Up until now, individuals spent hours, even years, hunting high and low to furnish their homes with antiques of their choice. In todays’ busy world, people are finding they have less time to do so. There has been a boom in requesting a specialist to source furniture, but without the expensive price tag of a commissioned buyer.

Château Rustique, bespoke antique and vintage furniture sourcers and suppliers, have found that clients requirements are changing. “We are finding that our clients find what they want on our website and then say ‘please find me one like that!, rather than just buying what we have in stock.” co-founder, Gail Marsh, reports.

The propensity is leaning toward appointing someone to source the furniture people do not have the time to source themselves. It seems that those who are looking for that unique piece of furniture are finding what they want from the internet and then asking for it to be found by a specialist, such as at Château Rustique, on the same shoe string budget as before. But how is this working?

“We do not have contracts or ask for a retainer of any sort. Our clients tell us what sort of furniture they are looking for and their budget. As we are out and about all the time hunting for that elusive piece of furniture for our website, we offer a no obligation service whereby, if we come across what we think they may be looking for, we either send them images for them to make up their mind, or we take that risk and buy it. We do not guarantee finding it, however! On the rare occasion something we find does not suit their purpose, we list it on our website as part of our stock. We would never buy anything unless we loved it and it suited our range of furniture.” Adds Gail.

As more and more clients ask for that hard-to-find-gem-of-a-piece, Château Rustique may have to change their policy! For now, small businesses such as Château Rustique, have the willing staff and the zeal to keep scouring countrysides to find antique lovers their furniture dream.

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