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3 modern furniture trends we expect to see in 2022

22nd March 2022 Print

When you were setting your New Year resolutions, we can well understand why you might have put ‘improving the house’ on your list. With a New Year, typically comes a whole new wave of fashionable interior design trends – really, there’s no better time to update your home. 

If you’re looking to switch out some of your old furniture, we’ve pinpointed three of the finest modern furniture trends that we think will take homes by storm during 2022. 

Textured upholstery

Homes, in the here and now, are all about visual interest. Textured textiles and materials that line furniture pieces are perfect for catching – and keeping! – attention. 

Think about bouclé, tweed, crushed velvet, pleats: these are all textured materials, able to be made into a fine upholstery to bring much character and charm into the home. Textured upholstery can also be surprisingly comfortable, and crushed velvet is a testament to this! 

Expect a big push for comfort this year in all furniture pieces, particularly in the wake of a pandemic in which many of us have spent a lot of our time reclining at home. Look towards warm, cosy furniture rich in texture: both homely and chic. 

Ultra-modern minimalism

In recent years, many of us have taken greater time to reflect on what we really need in the home. In 2022, this has culminated in a powerful trend of ultra-modern minimalism. 

Homes nowadays are seeing the more frequent use of furniture made from glass and semi-transparent material. We’re seeing more appearances from the likes of sleek plywood and integrated cabinetry, and some of us are even investing in subtle room dividers to truly ‘break up’ our spaces into functional perfection. 

The less clutter that dominates a room, the better! The minimalist aesthetic can also be beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing; homeowners appreciate the light, bright airiness of minimalist furniture trends, and seek a permanent escape from weighted, dated and dull furniture pieces. So, why not try the minimalist lifestyle for yourself this year? 

Abstract artwork

Artwork has always offered a fleeting escape from the toils and tribulations of reality, and with the turmoil we’ve experienced ever since the tumultuous year of 2020, it’s unsurprising that homeowners are turning towards abstract, escapist artwork to transform their home into a haven. 

Don’t underestimate the difference an attractive piece of artwork can make to your home in 2022, either! The right artwork, whether it is vibrant or monochrome, can really open up a space, drawing the attention of guests to the centre of your room, and creating a really attractive focal point to admire. We recommend it! 

Of course, if you’re ready to invest in some of the best contemporary furniture trends of 2022, you will need to know how to obtain it from the right place. Quality modern furniture could last a lifetime, bringing a timeless beauty to your home that stands for an age. 

Look for contemporary furniture in Essex from The Modern Furniture Company: premium modern furniture, of all kinds and prices, can be found in our online store. If you want your home to look its very best, there’s simply nowhere else you will need to look this year!