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Valentines admit to sex in cars

14th February 2007 Print
The Great British reserve has gone out the window. From the first date kiss to making love, Brits are going through the pash gearbox in their cars – and 31 per cent of over 50s have owned up to having sex in their cars, according to new research by AA Personal Loans.

The results suggest that checking out your date’s ride is set to replace an invitation in for coffee as the new telltale sign of getting lucky on Valentine’s Day. In a week when the infamous Flake Girl returns to TV screens with a sensuous in-car experience, the AA Personal Loans research reveals that the nation’s love affair with the sex appeal of cars goes well beyond a weekly shine at the car wash.

Interested in Britons’ relationship with their four-wheeled loved ones, AA Personal Loans asked a GB representative sample of over 2,000 adults about their behind the wheel experiences. The results reveal that passion has overtaken many everyday in-car activities (such as learning a language from audio CDs, rehearsing speeches and opening exam results). More than one in three Britons has made love in their car - 35 per cent owning up to foreplay in a car and 34 per cent going all the way. A further one in six Britons (16 per cent) claim to have plucked up the courage to ask someone out from their car - and one in five (20 per cent) say they have made up with a partner in their car.

Additional findings:

Men Most Amorous: Men are most likely to confess to carnal car time, 37 percent admitting to sex in a car, compared to 32 per cent of women, and 42 per cent remembering foreplay in a car, compared to 28 per cent of women.

Older Most Experienced behind the Wheel: Despite young people driving demand for sexy looking cars, baby boomers are the most sexy inside their cars. 41 per cent of 35 to 44 year olds have made love in their car, compared to 34 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds. Around one in three people over 55 (29 per cent) have got jiggy behind the wheel.

Four-by-Foreplay: People in London and Wales are the most likely to be promiscuous behind the wheel, 39 per cent of 4 by 4 driving Londoners owning up to foreplay in their gas guzzling passion wagons. Perhaps as a result, these drivers are looking to buy bigger cars in 2007 – Londoners are those most likely to buy a 4x4 whilst large family vehicles are the favourites in Wales.

Lloyd East, Director of AA Personal Loans, says: “Our study into car buying intentions shows that sex appeal is consistently important in people’s car choice. Sexual symbolism has long been associated with the way cars are marketed and our research suggests that this goes far beyond image.

“Our February survey started out as a bit of fun, but we were surprised by the results – which beg the question of how many car buyers spend time checking car comfort before they buy. The research may also offer some clues on the enduring popularity of 4 by 4s.”