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Proton Cars – Committed to Customer Care

24th May 2006 Print
Proton Cars UK Ltd (PCUKL) has embarked on an ongoing nationwide customer handling programme through all its dealerships. The programme aims to identify action points for further improving customer service performance.

Commitment to customer care at Proton is evident from previous achievements in the J.D. Power surveys where it has scored 81.6% for overall customer satisfaction. With new products and ambitious acquisition targets set for 2006 Proton wishes to ensure its dealers are given all the support needed to further increase their level of customer service.

Proton will be undertaking the customer handling programme with car industry experts Douglas Stafford which specialises in dealer performance evaluation, helping companies to improve the service provided to their customers.

Renzo Spinelli, Operations Director at Douglas Stafford said: "Douglas Stafford Limited has become the Performance Evaluation partner for Proton Cars (UK) Ltd during 2006 to assess and drive forward the UK dealer network in order to improve sales and customer service levels, in turn increasing revenue and levels of customer satisfaction, giving Proton the edge over its competitors."

The Douglas Stafford programme will allow dealers to view their results online and track improvements against a national benchmark. Dealers will be encouraged to improve performance over the year and PCUKL will benchmark average results against the industry.

Simon Park, General Manager Sales and Marketing said, "Customer service is an integral part of our ambitious acquisition and sales plans in 2006. We were impressed with the professionalism of Douglas Stafford and feel their wealth of experience in the automotive industry means they can implement the right programme for Proton which will allow us to identify training needs."