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Reassuring news for travellers with health issues

8th March 2013 Print

Many travellers are anxious about or indeed consciously fail to declare pre-existing medical conditions to travel insurance companies, worrying that it will dramatically increase the premiums, they might have to limit the length of their trip or destination or even be refused travel insurance.

But these assumptions are simply wrong and can put the traveller at unnecessary risk. As part of the screening process a series of questions are asked to establish details of the holiday and any pre-existing conditions of the individual wishing to travel. It is from these questions that the type of policy and cost of travel insurance is determined.  Failure to disclose any pre-existing conditions can mean that the policy is not valid if a claim is made.

Each year independent travel insurance specialist World First Travel Insurance insure more than 75,000 people with pre-existing medical conditions, from families with young children to individual people up to the age of 100. World First has almost 40 years of experience in providing well researched and cost effective travel insurance.

Martin Rothwell, Managing Partner of World First Travel Insurance says, “We continually review the pre-existing medical conditions that people declare to us.  This year we have noticed more people advising us of heart conditions and cancers. These can both be very difficult to find insurance for. Our increased limits of cover mean that we are now able to provide travel insurance for more people with these conditions.”

Martin urges people with pre-existing medical conditions to seek travel insurance from a travel insurance specialist. He said, “Companies like World First Travel Insurance, with experience in this area, can often provide cover when general insurance companies are unable to.”

Such was the case for Ellen Powell from Hereford who has Crohn’s disease. Her Dad found World First when searching on the internet for travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. She has taken out travel insurance with World First with provision for her condition for three years now. She was even able to amend her policy this year to provide cover for her boyfriend who had broken bones in his hand.

Failure to declare a pre-existing medical condition is often the basis for travel insurance claims being declined. Martin adds, “Anyone travelling with a pre-existing medical condition must tell their insurer when they purchase a policy. If you are taken ill whilst on holiday and this is linked to any pre-existing condition which has not been declared, you will not be covered.” 

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