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Leeds combines great ISA value with exclusive notice account

13th March 2013 Print

With just over three weeks to go until the end of the 2012/2013 tax year on 5th April, Leeds Building Society is offering a highly competitive rate of return to those investors still to use their £5,640 tax free allowance.

The Society is also offering access to a market leading 30 Day Notice Account to all its new and existing tax free investors for any additional funds.
Furthermore, all of Leeds Building Society's new tax free products have the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with access to 25% of the funds without notice or penalty at any time. There is also the facility for customers who have already subscribed to an ISA in the current tax year to transfer in these funds, and all previous years ISA subscriptions from other providers, in full.
Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society's Sales and Marketing Director said, "Over 30% of our members have an ISA account with us so we know that it is important for them to maximise the benefit from tax free savings. An ISA allowance cannot be carried forward from one tax year to another, and if people do not use their £5,640 2012/ 2013 allowance before Friday 5th April they will lose it forever."
The new ISA range from Leeds includes a 3 Year Fixed Rate ISA at 2.60% gross/ AER, a 2 Year Fixed Rate ISA at 2.35% and a 1 Year Fixed Rate ISA paying 2.00%. The Society has also launched a 2 year base rate tracker ISA, which guarantees to pay Bank of England Base Rate plus 1.75% for 2 years. This account is currently paying a market leading high street rate of 2.25%.
Whilst choosing one of these great offers for their current tax year subscription, customers can also benefit from exclusive access to a market leading 30 day notice account paying up to 2.35% gross p.a. /AER, which has been awarded a 4 star rating by Moneyfacts. Furthermore, if an ISA customer places funds in the 30 day notice account now, and then chooses an ISA with the Society for their new 2013/ 2014 ISA subscription (when the maximum cash ISA allowance increases to £5,760) they can transfer without giving the 30 days notice.
Kim continued, "I would urge people to act quickly to take advantage of our highly competitive range of fixed rate ISA's, which all offer penalty free access to 25% of the funds and allow transfers in from other providers.
"The new 2013 / 2014 tax year starts on a Saturday so customers can place funds in our market leading 30 day notice account now, choose an ISA with the Society and transfer their subscription without giving the 30 days notice. We have also extended the opening hours for many of our branches on Saturday 6th April to allow customers to maximise their tax free return."
For more information, customers can call into their local branch, visit the website at