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How to plan and organise a successful office relocation

19th March 2013 Print

Bruntwood offers expert advice on office relocation so that you can choose the right property and space for the day-to-day operations of your business.

Organising an office move is often an exciting project, while also being a complex process that requires plenty of forward thinking. Therefore, it is important to put plenty of time and effort into the planning stage to make certain that you invest in an office space that complements the day-to-day running of your organisation.

Bruntwood has put together some top tips to consider when planning the relocation of your office so that you can enjoy an entirely successful move.

Plan ahead

Develop a brief with detailed objectives for the relocation. An office transfer is a great opportunity to improve many levels of your business, so carefully consider what you would like to achieve, whether that is additional space, improved facilities or a better location. Also, think about your business development and where your company could be in a few years time, and factor this into the equation.

Then, prepare a detailed relocation plan that outlines your budget, your time frame and desired goal. Make sure you consider the expenses that could come with a new location. For example, often before moving into a new office your business might need to hire a cleaning company such as Ideal Cleaning who provide deep office cleans and maintenance, to prepare the space before you move in. Throughout the project, regularly refer to this original document to help you stay on track.

Think about the location

With such a wide choice of offices to let in Manchester and across the UK, including city centre premises as well as properties in commercial districts and business parks, you should filter out unsuitable locations and focus on areas that suit your business and workforce.

If clients frequently visit your company, you should consider properties with first class connectivity. Pay close attention to public transport availability as well as motorway access so that visitors and staff members can enjoy a simple and straightforward journey to your office.

Upgrade your office facilities

An office move is the perfect opportunity to review and upgrade your current technology and systems. Consider whether your facilities have been causing any unnecessary disruptions in your present workplace, or if there are any new products or services available on the market, and schedule an upgrade for the same time as your office relocation.

Support your staff

You will need to communicate with your workforce throughout the relocation as they may be anxious about the change. Managing expectations, providing information and answering questions will help staff to understand more, and maintain productivity during the transition.

Choose the right property partner

When renting an office, you will have to liaise with a commercial property provider or landlord, so it is important to find a company you feel entirely comfortable doing business with. Read customer reviews to get a good idea of a company's services, looking closely for a supportive, flexible and attentive commercial space partner who will work hard to meet your expectations.

With these top tips under your belt, take advantage of your relocation by choosing an office space that gives you a chance to increase productivity, reinforce your brand and give your business a fresh lease of life.