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How to wear ballet pumps

2nd April 2013 Print
Jane Shilton Ballet Pumps

Ballet pumps have come back into fashion making creating a remarkable fashion trend. From super models to the less famous people, everyone's wearing them and for the right reason. These shoes are incredibly versatile, comfortable and choosing the right pair in the right colour can make an outfit look stunning.
But, and there is always a 'but' , just because these lovely little flat shoes have proved to be popular footwear, does not mean they can be worn with any outfit.
In fact, worn with the wrong outfit, ballet pumps can be the most unflattering shoes to put on your feet. So, getting it right means paying attention to what you wear with them - after all even celebrities get it wrong and unluckily for them it's usually caught on camera for the world to see and learn from it.

Here are a few tips on how not to get it wrong when you're wearing a pair of ballet pumps.
Top Sellers - Everyone's Wearing Them
Ballerinas are some of the top selling shoes around, and with summer on its way, the chances are these fashionable flat shoes are going to gain momentum in the 'favourite' footwear department. Wearing them as smart-casual shoes with pencil thin jeans or a stylishly short skirt, or maybe a flowing, longer outfit, is a definite 'Yes' look.

Ballerina pumps look best with shorter skirts or dresses because they emphasise the legs and this rule generally applies to all ballet pumps. However, wearing them with long straight cut skirts is also a thumbs-up and the look is perfect for those relaxing summer evenings out.
However, while ballet pumps are incredibly versatile and be worn with anything from casual, skinny jeans to flowing dresses, there are a few situations where the look isn't recommended. Flouncy dresses paired with flat ballet pumps isn't the best inspired choice because these dresses require a bit of height, usually high heels or platform to really emphasise the cut of the dress. In contrast, wearing a tight, long dress could look really good with a pair of ballet pumps in a daring colour to make a statement.
Generally, a stylish pair of ballet pumps should complement a look to give it that feel of comfort and add style to it with a dash of colour.
As fashionable as wearing heeled shoes with delicate socks may be, pumps should not be worn with socks or tights. These comfortable ladies shoes always look best on naked feet.
For those ladies who cannot wear skinny jeans, straight leg jeans are a great alternative. However, jeans need to be shorter than usual so a girl shows a naked ankle above a pair of stylish, well cut ballet pumps and stylish ballerinas.
Choose Great Styles That are Well Cut
A great pair of ballerina pumps should sit well on your feet, making them a lot more comfortable to wear and a lot more stylish to look at. Jane Shilton offers a wide range of ballet pump styles, flat or heeled in a variety of colours so they can be paired with your favourite dress or pair jeans to get an instant trendy look.

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