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Loxal tops new record of vacant property assets under management

13th April 2013 Print
Loxal Security

Loxal’s latest void security installations see the company protecting in excess of £100million in residential and commercial property assets. But its biggest success is returning these properties to occupancy and commercial use.

Recent major installations by specialist access control and void security contractor Loxal Security have seen the property asset portfolio they protect top £100million. New instructions in retail ‘sheds’, major industrial sites and high-value residential property have added to the breadth of commercial and residential property types secured by Loxal.

Loxal’s unique ranges of physical and electronic security measures and access control technology are bespoke designed to work in vacant property as they require no mains power or telephone lines. Anti-vandal steel doors and window screens create a formidable perimeter security deterrent whilst alarm systems detect intruders breaching the building envelope. Loxal’s LX3 alarm system features CCTV video verification of alarm events which eliminate false alarms and associated response costs. Flexible installation methods and modular construction of the physical security systems minimises any damage to existing glazing, window or door frames maintaining the property asset value and speeding re-letting. The risk of vandal attack, theft of fixtures and fittings, arson and squatting to commercial and residential property is significantly reduced.

To maintain the appeal of protected properties to potential purchasers or tenants, Loxal security systems have a low visual impact through their discrete design. Unique Chameleon graphics applied to steel window screens and doors effectively disguises the perimeter security maintaining ‘kerb appeal’. Graphics can be tailored to specific properties and mimic existing fenestration or feature advertising for the landlord and agents. Void alarm systems control units, keypads and detectors are compact, discrete and are not housed in bulky steel containers bolted centrally to the floor of the property as required with earlier technology.

As voids are also workplaces for repairs contractors, agents and visited frequently by the landlord and potential tenants, health and safety is a priority. Loxal has developed market leading innovations to maintain safety within voids such as removing the need for potentially dangerous steel studding to protrude into the building. Every void door can be locked internally and egress achieved without keys or codes. All doors feature a spyhole and Loxal’s unique temporary rear fire exit door offers two routes of escape.

Loxal’s innovative IDACS digital access control technology means that entry to the property can be achieved without keys improving the operational productivity of repairs staff whilst making life easier for the landlord and their agents. IDACS is universal to all Loxal products and creates a detailed audit trail of activity at each property. This management information enables landlords to forensically analyse the void turnaround process and offers peace of mind that weekly insurance site inspections and mobile guard patrols took place. Significant reductions in void periods for social landlords have been demonstrated and the resulting rent gains more than pay for Loxal’s services.

This product technology innovation is mirrored with Loxal’s installation expertise and wider management services to the property portfolio including weekly site inspections to comply with insurance conditions, detailed risk, H&S and security audits, drain-down and electrical isolation. All property inspection reports are accessed through Loxal’s website client portal which is accessed by commercial agents, administrators, corporate recovery, insolvency practitioners, insurance brokers and social landlord clients.

Greg White, Loxal Director says, ‘Loxal’s track record in delivering products and services to support organisations with vacant property is renown. However it’s our ability to support the turnaround process that sets us apart. Our ability to return property to occupancy with minimal damage, hassle, risk or management time whilst maintaining the properties asset value is where Loxal wins. Our latest batch of major installations is proof that our clients trust Loxal to achieve their objectives for each property ’.

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