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Skipton gives savers more by increasing rates on savings accounts

16th April 2013 Print

Skipton Building Society has made its Fixed Rate Bond range even more attractive, by increasing the interest rates across the entire range. The Society will also hold the highly competitive rates on its Fixed Rate ISA range.
The Society's branch and E-Bonds offer customers the chance to benefit from outstanding returns over terms of one, two, three, or five years. The minimum investment for each product is £500, up to a maximum of £1,000,000 (or £2,000,000 for joint accounts). Full details of Skipton's revised E-Bond range are:

Invest up to £1,000,000 (£2,000,000 for joint applications) - minimum balance of £500 by cash (branch only) debit card, cheque or internal transfer from another Skipton Building Society account;

Interest calculated daily and paid annually or monthly;

Make additional investments into your bond until it becomes a closed issue, which may be at any time and without notice;

No withdrawals allowed until maturity.

Skipton's Fixed Rate ISA range enables people to save tax free and with the reassurance of a fixed rate of interest. Available in branch or online, the minimum investment for each product is £500. Provided you have not already subscribed to another cash ISA in the current tax year, you can invest your 2013/2014 tax year allowance of £5,760 until the product becomes closed to investments which may be at any time and without notice.
Key product detail - Online and Fixed Rate ISA range

Once opened, subsequent payments into the account can be made by cash (branch only), debit card, cheque, internal transfer from an existing Skipton Building Society non ISA account or electronic payment from another bank or building society;

Full balance withdrawals, including transfers to other ISA managers, and subsequent closure of the account can be made subject to the loss of 180 days (240 days for the 5 Year term) interest;

Partial withdrawals and transfers out are not permitted.

The bonds and fixed rate ISAs complement Skipton's varied range of attractive savings accounts, including the Society's instant access My Savings goal based products (1.50%), its Online Bonus Saver (2.00% variable, including 1.00% 12-month bonus, with the added benefit of access to funds if needed), and its popular children's savings account, the Junior ISA (3.02%).
They also reflect the Society's commitment to offering consistent, long term good value products with exceptional customer service. And the combination of simplicity and attractive rates means customers can invest their money with confidence.
Skipton's Head of Products, Kris Brewster, said: "Our Bonds and Fixed Rate ISAs are a consistently popular choice for our customers, who appreciate the combination of simplicity and competitive rates.
"We're continually adjusting our product range to ensure it remains among the most attractive available, hence this upward change in the rates. These accounts offer customers the chance to squirrel some money away for a set period of time, safe in the knowledge that it's working hard for them."
Anyone wishing to find out more about Skipton's full range of savings accounts can visit the Society's savings pages on