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Ryanair extends reserved seating to 8 rows

22nd April 2013 Print

Ryanair has announced an extension of its reserved seating service, moving from 6 to 8 rows on all aircraft with the addition of rows 32 & 33, which will allow up to 45 passengers per flight to pre-book their preferred seats on 8 reserved rows (1, 2, 5, 15, 16, 17, 32 & 33).
Ryanair’s optional reserved seating service, which includes priority boarding, allows passengers to reserve seats in the front or rear of the aircraft (for a quick getaway on arrival) and on over-wing rows (for greater legroom) and also offers families and groups of passengers the chance to sit together on 4 other rows.
The reserved seating service costs £10 each way (£15 on longer routes e.g. to/from Canary Islands) and is available to book on both at the time of flight booking and when checking-in online.
Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said, “Since November, Ryanair passengers have been able to reserve their preferred seats across six rows – at the front of the aircraft for a prompt exit on arrival, at over-wing exits for extra legroom, and on rows 5 and 15 – which has proven extremely popular, especially with families, groups and those on business travel.
Ryanair is pleased to extend our reserved seat service to an additional two rows, 32 and 33, which are bookable now for travel on all routes, meaning even greater choice for all Ryanair passengers.”