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Caked on - girls from Liverpool officially wear the most make-up

26th April 2013 Print
Make up

Girls from Liverpool officially wear the most make-up, according to a new study. Researchers found one in ten women in the city, which is home to the likes of Coleen Rooney and Abbey Clancy, said they adopted a ‘nice and thick’ approach to applying make-up.

It also emerged that, on average, they spend 20 minutes making themselves up on a typical morning, and then a further eight minutes removing it at the end the day (compared to 12 minutes and 7 minutes for the average girl in the UK).

In a year, that means they spend the equivalent of over a week putting on and removing make-up.

The report also found typically they need at least two make-up wipes to remove the make-up each day, or 730 over the course of a year.

The poll by Simple, to coincide with the launch of its new super soft cleansing wipe, found 45% of girls regularly go to bed with a full face of make-up, and one in five of those have kept it on for the next day after a quick touch-up.

Girls from London and Newcastle were more likely to don false eyelashes, while Manchester females wear the most fake tan.

The study of 2,000 UK women also revealed more than one third of those polled said northerners were most likely to wear more make-up.

By contrast, girls from Plymouth, Norwich and Oxford we more likely to opt for a simple, classic look.

The poll also found women from the Welsh city of Swansea were the most worried about the amount of make-up they wear and the effect it has on their skin.

Celebrity make-up artist and Simple UK Skincare Consultant Caroline Frazer said: ”Make-up trends come and go just as they do with fashion or hairstyles.

”Some seasons the subtle, natural look is favoured, but on other occasions a more heavy, dramatic look like this season’s red lips, fuller lashes and bright eye shadows.

”There is nothing wrong with wearing make-up, as long as it is removed properly to ensure it doesn’t block pores or make skin look dull and lack luster. It’s equally important to create the right canvas so make-up looks its best which some women forget.

“Great make-up isn’t just about applying it well; it’s also about looking after your skin so a healthier complexion shines through.

”We are all guilty of occasionally going to bed with make-up still on, but it’s really important not to do this regularly as it will take its toll on the skin – I always tell my clients to keep their wipes by their beds or in their handbags.”

The study also found 25% of all women worry about the amount of make-up they wear, and believe they could be suffocating their skin.

To try and counteract this, three quarters of women like to have a break at least once a week from wearing make-up.

Of the 2,000 women polled more than half said that women who wear a lot of make-up are trying too hard, and 34% said they are hiding who they really are.

In contrast, more than one in twenty felt they should wear more make-up to get ahead in their career – which is probably the reason why eight in ten women insist on applying make-up before they head to the office.

Half of women said they look 100 times better after they have applied make-up, and 56% said just a touch of make-up covers any blemishes.

Caroline Frazer added: ”It’s encouraging that women give their skin a bit of a break from make-up. Whilst make-up will create a cover for blemishes it won’t help skin in the long run, especially if you are prone to problem or sensitive skin.

”There is no excuse to not look after your skin, it’s your insurance policy for the future – you only have one skin so look after it.”

The poll also named and shamed glamour girl Katie Price as having the worst make-up, and Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson as the best.

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