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Considering LaserEye Surgery

1st May 2013 Print

Wearing glasses and contact lenses isn’t for everyone and the price of continued use can seriously mount up. If you’re just tired of the hassle of wearing either, you may be considering laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery has plenty of advantages, not least the ability to see clearly, unaided. It’s no wonder then, that it’s becoming ever more popular.

In fact, the number of procedures per year is increasing as rapidly as technology and expertise grows, but there are things to consider before you take the plunge.

It all depends on the surgeon

Ultimately, more than anything else, it’s the ability and confidence of your eye surgeon that will influence the success of your operation. You should definitely do a lot of research and talk to several surgeons before choosing one for your surgery.

Don’t feel obliged to go with the first surgeon you find. You need to be confident in the surgeon’s abilities and you need to make sure that he or she has the necessary qualifications.

There are risks involved

As with any operation, there are risks associated with laser eye surgery. Complications can occur in all laser eye surgery establishments, but these are rare, and a reputable clinic will discuss these with you at your consutation.

But the absolutely critical thing to remember is just how slim these risks are.

Laser eye surgery is a very safe procedure and one which is performed thousands of times a year. The technology is getting better, surgeons are getting more and more experienced and they are practiced in explaining all the relevant issues.

The risks shouldn’t put you off making initial enquiries about getting laser eye surgery; in fact, you should always speak to an expert before choosing whether to go ahead. They will advise you on the procedure best suited to you and whether you are eligible for treatment. Diabetes, larger-than-usual pupils, pregnancy and glaucoma, among other conditions, could preclude laser eye surgery.

What if it’s done right?

If a competent and qualified surgeon has performed the surgery successfully, you should see an immediate improvement to your vision through a single procedure, which is a pretty amazing thing.

People who wear prescription glasses and contact lenses have to consign themselves to multiple appointments with opticians. There are also recurring expenses, as you’ll have to keep purchasing new frames or lenses. The cost of laser eye surgery may be sizeable as a one-off, but the savings that can be made in the long term can make it the most economical solution to your vision problems.