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What to do when the man in the mirror is looking older

17th August 2021 Print

It happens to all of us at some point. We pass a mirror as we’re leaving the house and we wonder, “Who’s the old guy in the mirror?”

Hairs gray, hairlines retreat, and wrinkles appear the second you turn your back. The cruel irony is that stress will age you even more. The more you worry about how old you look, the older you will look.

This is the unfortunate reality that we all face, no matter how thorough your skincare routine may be. But you can fight back.

Anyone looking to shave a few years off of their appearance may consider one of these procedures.

Eyebrow Lift

You may have heard this procedure called either an eyebrow lift or a forehead lift. In either case, this is a minimally-invasive surgery that helps you remove the fine lines and wrinkles in the top third of your face.

This can help you address common issues, such as:

- The so-called worry lines

- Wrinkles

- Deep furrows on the forehead or the bridge of the nose

- Hooded upper eyelids

The end result will smoothen out all of the age lines, leaving you with a more alert, rested, and youthful look.


This procedure is also called the eyelift or eyelid lift. As the name would indicate, it tightens up the skin around the eyes to remove the droopy or fatigued look.

Blepharoplasty has exploded in popularity in recent years, with the number of procedures growing from 206,529 in 2018 to 352,112 in 2020. It was actually the second most popular plastic surgery in 2020, just behind the nose job (rhinoplasty).

Why the recent surge? A lot of experts are actually attributing the growth to the recent pandemic lockdown, and the emergence of daily Zoom calls. A record number of people are seeing their faces on webcam and hating how they look. They’re noticing their eyelids drooping and obsessing over how old they look. Some in the industry are even calling it The Zoom Boom.

The Chin Lift/ Neck Lift

It’s also very possible that you feel like your face looks deflated, with everything now hanging down on your jaw and neck. Time and gravity can do that.

You may look in the mirror and see a newly formed (and very unwelcome) double-chin. Or maybe you’ve noticed some sagging that has lead to the infamous turkey neck. The chin lift/neck lift can help you address either of those issues, and help you restore a youthful and athletic jawline.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Maybe you don’t like the way that your shirts fit or how you look shirtless.

Have you developed the dreaded man-boobs or moobs? If you have, it’s not your fault. Roughly half of all men will experience some type of unwanted breast growth at some stage of their lives. A sedentary lifestyle is often the cause. However, it is also sometimes in your genes, as some men are more genetically predisposed to getting them than others.

Gynecomastia will use energy-assisted liposuction technology to remove the unwanted fat, breaking up the fat cells before extraction. This leads to a very small incision and very little downtime.

So, if you seem to be losing the battle against father time, you’re not alone. And there is no reason to keep fighting alone. A skilled plastic surgeon can help you fight and win.

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