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7 things women are most insecure about

31st August 2016 Print

Women tend to have their own view of themselves which is quite different to what everyone else sees. While a man might look at her and see a perfect woman, she can be hiding a whole list of insecurities about her body and appearance. These are the 7 most common things for women to hate about themselves.

1. Their Smile

If a woman has crooked teeth or a gap between her front teeth, she’s likely to be very insecure about her smile. A tell-tale sign is when she always covers her mouth when smiling or laughing. This is a real shame as it can make her feel timid about smiling in the first place, when most of the time this just adds character to her look.

2. Their Stretchmarks

Almost all women end up with stretchmarks at some point or other – after all, they’re a natural part of pregnancy. They can also come from gaining weight or gaining muscle, which is another thing that most people won’t go through life avoiding. But women can be very insecure about these and may cover them with makeup. 

3. Their Breasts

One of the most common procedures for women to get done is breast augmentation. Most women feel like their breasts are too small or are imperfect, perhaps because one is larger than the other. Those who do have larger breasts often want to have them made smaller because the size makes them feel insecure too. 

4. Their Weight

Almost all women feel insecure about their weight, even those who look flawless. There’s always something more perfect to compare themselves too, and for an average-sized woman, it’s easy to feel overweight. Trends like thigh gaps, which simply aren’t biologically possible for everyone, certainly don’t help.

5. Their Skin

Most women won’t go outside without a full coat of makeup on. Whether they hate their skin, think that their eyelashes are too small, or despise their brows, there’s always something about the face that makes a woman feel insecure. Most wouldn’t be brave enough to go out without covering up at least something.

6. Their Legs

When compared to supermodels, most women feel like there’s something wrong with their legs. Either they’re too short, or they are too tall and feel like a freak. They might think that their legs aren’t toned enough or look too pale. A tell-tale sign of this is someone who always wears tights or won’t reveal their legs at all.

7. Their Hair

Body hair has become a thing that women absolutely can’t have, and while some are trying to reclaim that, most would be horrified if anyone ever caught them with a bit of hair on their legs or armpits. For those who have dark and fast-growing hair, a skirt or a sleeveless top might be an absolute no-no, just in case.

Men – be gentlemen. Don’t ever call negative attention to an area that a woman might be insecure about. Try to reassure her as much as you can if you do discover her insecurities – and let her know that what you see is beautiful.

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