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Botox 101: Why dermal fillers might be a better alternative

4th October 2018 Print

As age creeps upon us you may be considering Botox fillers for cosmetic improvement in regards to smoothing out any unsightly wrinkles. However, what is the cost of smoothing these wrinkles out and could there be another way to sorting them? If you want to avoid the sting of the Botox injection, then Dermal Fillers may be the best way to go forward. Here are some reasons why.

Botox Problems

Before exploring the options of Dermal Fillers, you may want to know the reasons why you should be considering alternatives to begin with. There are wellknown side-effects and problems with Botox which can be triggered by either an allergic reaction, a botched injection or even a dangerous encounter with a “Botox Party” at someone’s house, which is incredibly dangerous as a medical professional will not be performing the injection. 

Symptoms of Botox can include inflammation around the injection site, swelling, bruising and even infection. Even worse problems can occur if you are allergic to Botox, from itchiness, rashes, dizziness and even fainting. If you suffer from any of these then you should immediately speak to a doctor, especially if the numbness from the anaesthetic does not wear off after a few hours as it means that you may have muscle damage.

A Description of Dermal Fillers

So, with these side effects in mind, you may be wondering: what are Dermal Fillers and why are they better for you? Unlike Botox, the injections usually contain hyaluronic acid which smooth out the skin by expanding and filling in the wrinkles. This assists in restoring moisture to the skin and even giving it a hydrated feel and plump look, making you look younger. Your body naturally loses hyaluronic acid with age; thus, these fillers solely replace what has been lost. 

Benefits of Filler

One of the main reasons why Dermal Fillers are becoming so popular in comparison to Botox is that not only are they invisible, to the point where Ava Shamban, a dermatologist in Los Angeles has said that “the change we can make are so subtle that nobody would notice,” but can ensure that you can avoid that Botox signature of either a duck or trout pout. 

The fillers only require a single trip to the doctor and can last to around three months to six months. They are also extremely diverse in how they can fix different problems in relation to the face. Some can plump up limps and ease out fine lines, but those with larger particles can have the fillers “rebuild” thinner cheekbones. 

Is there a way around a bad Dermal Filler job?

The answer to this question is yes! Unlike Botox, Dermal Filler can be adjusted if you do not like the end look you are left with. If you speak about it with your dermatologist then you can have additional filler added to balance out your look, or even just have it dissolved completely so your face returns to its previous shape.

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