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Snap the Autumn Lights

3rd May 2013 Print

This September, The Aurora Zone will be running ‘Autumn Aurora Photography’, a four-night tour of Jeris, in Lapland, where visitors learn how to capture the perfect Northern Lights photo. Throughout the tour, Antti Pietikäinen, a born-and-bred Laplander, will provide instruction. Equipped with unrivalled knowledge of the local landscapes, people and culture, Antti will be on hand throughout the course of the tour, ready to offer advice and to ensure guests come away with fantastic photos.

The tour consists of not one, not two, but three evening Aurora hunts, maximising the chances of witnessing the Lights and capturing those all-important images. Guests will also be given an Aurora alert to assist in their searching for the Borealis. There will be plenty of photo opportunities during daytime, too, including a visit to the 400 huskies at the Arctic Sled Dog Centre at Harriniva, where one of the experienced mushers will give visitors a guided tour. Also included are a trip to the Torassieppi Reindeer Farm and a hike through the Sarkitunturi, one of the most magnificent fell areas in Lapland.

Autumn 2013 has now been specified by NASA as the peak of our present Solar Maximum – which is science-speak for the best Northern Lights in a decade. Every 11 years the sun reaches a crest of its cycle of activity (the Solar Maximum), and this translates to the time when the Northern Lights are at their finest and most frequent.

Last year, The Aurora Zone, a Northern Lights specialist, debuted a pioneering series of ‘Autumn Lights’ tours that proved to be extremely popular. The tours are well suited for those who want to experience the Aurora Borealis without having to brave freezing-cold conditions and excessive amounts of snow. During September, Lapland is considerably milder than the later winter months, meaning that visitors can witness the impressive ruska, the forest’s deep golden autumnal colours, as well as the Northern Lights.

Departing 19 September, a four-night stay costs £1,395 pp including flights (Heathrow via Helsinki), transfers, full-board accommodation, guiding, photography tuition and activities.

A full list of Autumn Lights itineraries is available at