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Virgin Money launches new fixed rate savings accounts

3rd May 2013 Print

Virgin Money has launched a new range of fixed rate cash ISAs and a range of fixed rate cash bonds.

Fixed Rate ISAs
The new Virgin fixed rate cash ISAs offer customers a fixed rate of 2.20% tax-free/AER for one year, 2.40% tax-free/AER for three years and 3.00% tax-free/AER for five years.
The new accounts accept transfers from existing cash ISAs, and customers can withdraw funds during the fixed rate period subject to a charge equivalent to 60 days loss of interest for the 1 year product, 120 days for the 3 year product and 180 days for the 5 year product.
Fixed Rate Bonds
The new Virgin fixed rate bonds offer customers a guaranteed rate of 1.75% gross/AER for one year, 2.40% gross/AER for three years and 3.00% gross/AER for five years. Bonds can be opened with just £1, and additional deposits are accepted for as long as the bonds remain available to new customers.
Withdrawals are not permitted during the fixed rate period.
More information on the savings range is available at