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Be the fairest 1920’s beauty of them all

22nd May 2013 Print

Longing to be a 1920’s beauty? Get the flawless Great Gatsby look this summer with Nelsons Pure & Clear skincare range. With Baz Lurhmann’s highly anticipated film adaptation launching on the big screen this May, the glitz and glam of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ is sure to take centre stage this summer. And the key to nailing this trend? A flawless, creamy complexion.

So it’s time to bring out your inner 1920’s fashionista by ditching the fake tan and embracing the fair and flawless. Take inspiration from the effortless beauty of leading lady Carey Mulligan, and let Nelsons help you achieve a blemish free and natural complexion. Nelsons Pure & Clear anti-blemish skincare range uses a combination of natural plant extracts to create the ideal skincare systems to cleanse, smooth and invigorate your skin.

Using a combination of natural plant extracts including Calendula, Arnica and Hypericum with Tea Tree Oil to create the ideal skincare system to cleanse, smooth and invigorate your skin. The ingredients are specifically chosen for their acknowledged purifying and skin conditioning properties to help you target the appearance of blemishes, leaving your skin the way nature intended – pure and clear.

The simple three step skincare system is an easy and convenient routine to start recreating The Great Gatsby look. Step one cleanse with Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Daily Facial Wash, it has a natural seaweed base and is perfect for everyday use. Step two, Nelsons Pure & Clear Balancing Moisturiser is an oil-free light formulation containing moisturising shea butter and aloe vera to soothe and calm. This unique moisturiser helps to control shine by balancing oil production, leaving skin smooth and hydrated without blocking pores. Step three – Nelsons Pure & Clear Blemish Gel which can be used to target those problem areas.

Fall in love with Nelsons Pure & Clear anti-blemish skincare range with its effective blend of natural plant extracts with the NEW ‘Try Me’ collection including Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Facial Wash 125ml, Blemish Gel 10g and Daily Moisturiser 125ml. Available for £15 on and and independent pharmacies.

Nelsons Pure & Clear anti-blemish products are dermatologically tested and free from chemicals such as parabens, artificial colourings and fragrances, SLS, PEGs, lanolin, silicones and mineral oils. The prices start at £5.45 and are available in Boots Natural Healthcare section and Holland & Barrett stores. For more information, go to Or visit us at Facebook: