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Over 50s love a gnome

22nd May 2013 Print

Over 50s are bound to welcome the introduction of gnomes at Chelsea this year.

One in ten people over 50 own a gnome already -and indeed many of the famous designers of the Chelsea Gnomes are also past their half century.  The Saga Generations will be flocking to ebay to buy one - who wouldn't want a miniature Joanna Lumley designed figure in their back garden!  
Paul Green, director of communications, Saga, commented: "Gnomes have stood guard over the nations gardens for decades and it is good that the RHS is caught up at last.
However, some Gnomes have also been the target of thieves, pixies and elves, whilst others have just gone walkabout.
A few Gnome security measures can help - so remember to take a few pics of your beloved Gnome and write your name on his feet.  Also make sure they have a Gnome-mail account so they stay in touch if they get that wanderlust.
Whilst we can't pay for trauma counselling we do replace missing Gnomes for grieving policyholders.  Last year we dealt with thousands of garden claims - many of which were Gnome related incidents.  These designer Gnomes are going to be worth more than your average Gnome, so anyone who is lucky enough to win one in the auction might want to check it's covered by their insurance, should jealous Gnome hunters come to call."