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Graffiti tagging takes Twitter twist

23rd May 2013 Print
Lynx Graffiti Wall

Street artists have created history by painting the first ever piece of art inspired by social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

The #LynxAfrica18 Twitter wall was created in Brighton as local graffiti artists' Pinky and Barney Chum101 worked directly from recommendations on the social networking sites. 

The wall was created to mark the 18th birthday of Lynx's most famous fragrance, Lynx Africa, and many tweets revolved around the range as the Twittersphere reminisced over their Lynx Africa and 18th birthday memories.  

The wall took seven hours to create and displayed ten main murals including a tiger, a heart inspired by a #truelove hashtag and a huge orange and pink sun.

Pinky, one of the graffiti artists who created the wall, said "It's a reflection of where we are now that artists can create a new piece of work in a day with input from across the world. The art on the wall has been inspired by suggestions from people right across the world. Spread the love."

David Titman, Lynx Senior Brand Manager, said "Lynx Africa evokes so many memories for people and it's incredible to see those memories displayed in such a unique manner - on a graffiti wall. The transformation from a blank grey wall to a bright, creative and unique piece of art was a great way to celebrate 18 years of the legendary Lynx Africa". 

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Lynx Graffiti Wall