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Being safe in the sun

13th June 2013 Print
Being safe in the sun

As much as we'd all like to admit that we don't enjoy having a deep tan, the truth is that most of us do feel better when we've gotten a little sun. Be prepared for when the sun come back with a high SPF cream that protect not only your “conscience”, but your skin! Here are our top sunscreens that will help you get an incredible and burn-free, natural golden tan!

New Sun Soul Face & Body SPF 50
Face & Body Anti-aging Sun Protection

An active protection against erythema and pigmentation, progressive, golden and uniform tan. With UVA and UVB filters, photonyl , argan oil and polyphenols from the leaves of the argan tree, this sunscreen keeps the skin safe from sun damage.

Comfort Zone Sun Soul Stick
SPF 30+/50 UVA UVB Sunscreen

An effective sun block without a white effect, nourishment and anti-oxidant protection for lips, freckles, dark spots and scars. With Argan Oil, UVA filters, Vitamin E, natural waxes, macademia nut oil, rice oil and shea butter to leave your skin nourished and protected from the harmful rays.

Family Natural Sunblock SPF 45
Non-Greasy, Water Resistant & Long-Lasting UVA/UVB Protection

The non-greasy, tear-free, water-resistant formula provides the broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection necessary for the whole family. Family Natural Sunblock SPF 45 helps protect skin from sun burn and reduces harmful free radical damage caused by the sun’s ultra-violet rays and is enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and antioxidant Green tea extract to nurture and moisturize the skin.

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Being safe in the sun