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Boots that show skin is 'in'

2nd July 2013 Print

The high fashion peek boots from the catwalk are finding their way onto the feet of women across the world.

Every year people watch the models on the catwalk strut their stuff to get ideas for their own wardrobe. Unfortunately, because the fashion houses have to charge hundreds for their clothes most women cannot afford to wear the exact garments they see on the catwalk. However, within a few hours High Street designers pick up on those styles and come up with new garments and footwear based around them. Not everything that appears on the catwalk makes it onto the High Street, but a lot does, and this is true of footwear as well as clothes.

This year a new kind of boot has hit the catwalk, the peek boot. These boots are unusual, they are definitely boots because the majority of them are ankle or calf high, but their styling alsoreminds many of high fashion sandals. Some footwear designers have taken sections of the boot out, for example the toe, or have used wide straps to form parts of the boots rather than solid panels or leather. Most peek boots are designed to be worn without socks or tights and the wearers’ skin is meant to show through. These radically different boots are primarily designed to be worn in the autumn or spring, but look great with summer clothes too.

Boots that show skin have proved very popular. Those that want a knee length boots that give the wearer the option of showing some skin can buy them at Gipsy Dharma’s boots are all made from panels of soft leather, which are laced together. How tight they are laced is up to the wearer, so it is up to them how much skin they show. If they want to, they can even lace them tight to hug and encase the leg completely.

More boots sold online than ever before

Gipsy Dharma like other small-scale bespoke footwear designers has benefited greatly from another trend. More people are buying boots and other footwear on the web than ever before. This has made it possible for small specialist footwear firms to enter the global footwear market providing consumers with unique high-end fashion boots they simply would not otherwise be able to find.