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New Citroen Grand C4 Picasso: First details announced

28th June 2013 Print
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Citroen has unveiled the first images of the New Grand C4 Picasso - a uniquely styled car that stands apart from the already impressive five-seat model in terms of design and features a pioneering balance between interior space and engaging exterior styling.
The New Grand C4 Picasso harnesses all the efficiency of the new EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform 2) to provide an ideal combination of versatility, cabin space and accessibility, underpinned with three rows of seats.
In addition to boasting record low CO2 emissions, starting at just 98g/km, the next-generation Grand C4 Picasso features Citroen’s all-new BlueHDi 150 engine that emits a low 110g/km of CO2.
Although the latest model is the same length as its predecessor (4.59m), the EMP2 platform has allowed Citroen’s engineers to extend the wheelbase to 2.84m (the longest in the category) to provide;

Versatile modularity, with a third row of folding seats for transporting up to seven people

Class-leading cabin space in rows two & three

Enhanced access, especially to row three through optimised door apertures

An extra 69-litres of useable load space (645-litres VDA) & over 700-litres with row two seats in their forward position.
A true expression of Citroen’s ‘Créative Technologie’, the seven-seat ‘Technospace’ is available powered by a new BlueHDi 150 engine, which complies with the Euro 6 standard as a result of its innovative Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system - the only technology able to sharply reduce NOx emissions (by 90%), whilst also cutting CO2 emissions. Fitted with the latest-generation 6-speed gearbox to optimise performance and fuel consumption, the BlueHDi 150 unit emits just 110g/km of CO2 emissions (manual) and 117g/km of CO2 for the automatic version.
Citroen’s New Grand C4 Picasso stands apart from the five-seat model thanks to its specific design, unique high-tech front end, attractive side profile with special roof bars and innovative 3D effect LED lights at the rear, which are inspired by Citroen’s recent concept cars.
The new model brings together all the strengths of the new-generation C4 Picasso with:

A loft-inspired interior delivering an uncluttered feel & best-in-class comfort for all passengers

Technologies for well-being, including a 7”touchscreen driving interface combined with a high-definition 12” panoramic screen

Innovations for an increasingly user-friendly drive, including an all-new 360? Vision system

A balance between ride comfort & roadholding that sets a new standard compared with the previous generation - thanks to its electric power steering system & optimised suspension.
New Grand C4 Picasso: In detail
Styling & Design
The New Grand C4 Picasso blends Citroen’s distinctive styling with ground-breaking proportions. The modular EMP2 platform extends the wheelbase considerably, which at 2.84m is now 11cm longer than the previous generation. This intelligent architecture has increased the cabin and boot capacity, and reduces the front overhang by 11.6cm, making it the shortest in the class.
The new platform also enables the engine bay and floor to be lowered (by 50mm for the engine and 20mm for the floor), and the tracks to be widened (by 82mm at the front and 31mm at the rear).
The sleeker, more dynamic, next-generation Grand C4 Picasso stands apart from the five-seat model via a series of sophisticated styling features:

The side view achieves its distinctive silhouette thanks to its new roof bar design. This new ‘signature’ highlights the spacious interior and the large window area. The model’s athletic design is accentuated further by the sculptural design on the flanks of the car

The front end showcases Citroen’s new stylish identity with an assertive flowing design and chevrons that extend outwards to curve into the LED daytime-running lights. Just below the LEDs sit the sleek headlights, which contribute to the high-tech appearance at the front

The rear LED lights feature a 3D effect with an innovative, deep-set design offering a refined take on futuristic styling cues. The rear styling is enhanced by a wraparound tailgate conveying all the robustness and capacity of the boot, which opens to reveal a broad and easy-to-access load area.
All versions are fitted with stylish alloy wheels ranging from 16 to 18” to complete the contemporary exterior look.
Loft-Inspired Interior
The uncluttered interior of Citroen’s New Grand C4 Picasso was designed with a loft-style feel in mind. The standard-fit panoramic windscreen and optional large glass roof bathes the cabin in natural light. New Grand C4 Picasso has more glass surface than any other model in the segment at 5.70 square metres. At night, white LED lighting (on the ceiling, backlit storage spaces, trays on the front seat backs, and inner door handles) further enhance the sense of well-being by creating a cosy and intimate ambience.
Citroen’s attention to detail and choice of materials is reflected within the loft-style design, making the quality of finish on board the New Grand C4 Picasso amongst the very best in its class.
The asymmetrically designed dashboard subtly blends the different colours and materials. Satin chrome and gloss inserts further enhance Citroen’s stylish touches and particular attention has been paid to the door panels that have been designed with an original laser-engraved pattern on the trim inserts.
Alongside the loft-inspired cabin, passengers also benefit from:

Upholstery on the asymmetrically designed front seats that features a graphic effect to give the appearance of a sofa

Row two is home to three independent seats with sliding bases & tilting backs

And - unique to the segment - dedicated air vents for passengers in row three.
Exclusive to the class, and available with the optional Lounge Pack, are Citroen’s new front massaging seats and a ‘Relax’ mode passenger seat - which allows front passengers to stretch out their legs and experience first class travel. ‘Relax’ headrests are also available on all seats for optimum neck support.
Comfort & Roadholding
Driveability is a key strength of the New Citroen Grand C4 Picasso. While maintaining the recognised comfort of its predecessor, the new-generation vehicle is easier to handle and is more manoeuvrable for an easier, more relaxed drive.
The vehicle’s reduced weight, lower centre of gravity and design elements like the vertically positioned shock absorbers, combine to create a new balance between comfort and roadholding - for improved driveability, greater safety and unequalled comfort on board.
Acoustic and vibration comfort is also remarkable thanks to an electric power steering system that minimises vibrations transmitted from the road to the steering column, damping of the front subframe to limit road noise and a new dual-material acoustic shim on the rear axle.
Most of these improvements were made possible by the new EMP2 platform.
Safety Features
Designed to anticipate events and to provide assistance as part of a safe and relaxed driving experience, New Grand C4 Picasso is packed with safety equipment, which includes:

Radar guided active cruise control fitted in the front bumper, which maintains a constant distance to the vehicle in front and uses acceleration or engine braking to reduce or increase vehicle speed

An anti-collision warning system that also uses the front radar to alert the driver when their vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front. The warning system functions from speeds of 30kph (18mph) with three alert systems depending on the risk; visual, sound and seatbelt pressure

Intelligent traction control, an electronic system that improves traction on low-grip surfaces

Active seatbelts for the driver and front passenger, which automatically pull tight in the event of danger. The driver’s seatbelt also works with the LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and vibrates as a warning if the car inadvertently crosses a white line without signalling

An image processing function for the miniature camera that is built into the interior mirror. This manages the automatic smart beam function; activating and deactivating full beam lights depending on lighting and traffic conditions

Ultrasonic blind spot monitoring that uses an orange light on the door mirrors, warning drivers if a vehicle is present in their blind spot. The system is active above 12kph (7.5mph) and monitors the area up to 5 metres behind the rear bumper and 3.5 metres on either side of the car

Citroen’s award-winning eTouch system, which automatically or manually makes geo-localised emergency or assistance calls using a built-in SIM card, is available 24 hours for rapid intervention in the event of an accident or if the car is immobilised.
Class Leading Efficiency & Performance
The new EMP2 platform means the New Grand C4 Picasso is 100kg lighter than its predecessor, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emission and an increase in fuel efficiency. Reduced further is the weight of selected e-HDi 115 versions, which are 110kg lighter than the equivalent models in the previous generation.
The new platform combines aluminium and steel alongside a composite rear floor to reduce the vehicle weight by 60kg. The new body style, with its optimised dimensions, balances the use of new materials - including an aluminium bonnet and composite tailgate - to reduce the overall weight by a further 40kg.
The reduced mass, enhanced aerodynamics and an optimised engine range significantly cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions - on average by 30g/km compared to its predecessor.
The New Grand C4 Picasso is fitted with internal combustion engines delivering sub-100g/km of CO2 emissions. The new model’s performance is further refined with the new 6-speed clutchless manual gearbox - ETG6 - (6-speed Efficient Tronic Gearbox) available with e-HDi 90 and e-HDi 115 versions. With the ETG6 ‘box, drivers can switch from manual to automated mode at any time, depending on their requirements and the driving environment.
The e-HDi 90 Airdream engine, with the ETG6, emits just 98 g/km with a combined fuel consumption of 74.3mpg - a record in the class.
At the heart of the range, the e-HDi 115 ETG6 will emit just 104g/km of CO2 emissions (105g/km for the manual version) with a combined fuel economy of 70.6mpg.
The New Grand C4 Picasso model is also available with the new Euro 6 compliant BlueHDi engine fitted with Citroen’s innovative Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The BlueHDi 150 manual unit will emit just 110g/km of CO2 emissions (117g/km for the latest-generation 6-speed automatic gearbox version).
All diesel-powered New Grand C4 Picasso models are fitted with Stop & Start technology, as standard.
Intelligent Architecture
The New Grand C4 Picasso creates a new architectural benchmark thanks to the new EMP2 platform. Combining a sleek design with intelligent architecture, the rear wheels have been moved back by 55mm (compared to the five-seat model), extending the wheelbase to 2.84m - the longest in the class.
New Grand C4 Picasso features optimised dimensions (4.59m L, 1.83m W, and 1.63m H), an 11 metre turning circle and is easily adaptable to accommodate all customer needs:

The model can carry up to seven people with a third row comprising of two folding seats

Provides a load length of up to 2.75m with the front seats folded down flat

Boasts the most spacious rows two & three in the segment along with maximum leg room for occupants (knee room of 217mm in row two & 108mm in row three)

Has the most accessible row three in the segment & the longest row two seat adjustment travel

The widest boot in the category with 1.17m between the wheel arches & a total of 645-litres VDA (69-litres more than the previous generation) and over 700-litres with row two in its forward-most position.
The New Grand C4 Picasso is also packed with a wide range of convenient and practical storage units such as the lit compartment in the centre of the dashboard, which contains a jack and a USB port, making it ideal for plugging in smart-phones or tablets.
Alongside the removable console between the driver and passenger seat on ETG6 versions, personal belongings can also be cleverly stored in easy-to-reach compartments under the front seats. There are also trays on the front seat backs, complete with LED lighting and storage nets, and under-floor compartments in row two.
Fully Digital Touchpad Driving Interface
New Grand C4 Picasso’s clean and uncluttered dashboard features two full-digital displays - a 7” touchpad and a 12” panoramic HD screen - creating an intuitive and stylish driving interface.
The standard specification 7” touchpad, with its seven touch-sensitive buttons, controls all the in-car functions such as dual-zone air conditioning, navigation, audio, telephone and driving aids, and all within easy reach.
The spectacular 12” panoramic HD screen can be configured to display essential driving information and can show data for either the navigation system or other driving aids, such as the active cruise control. There is even the option of changing the screen’s backdrop with a personal photograph using a USB key.
Helping driver and passengers to stay connected at all times, Citroen’s new Multicity Connect is a portal of connected applications controlled by the 7” touchpad. All the available apps are fully integrated within the driving interface and factor in vehicle information such as fuel and speed to bring drivers relevant information at the right time to help them plan ahead.
Easy & Relaxing
Alongside functions such as keyless entry and start, reversing camera and electric tailgate, Citroen’s New Grand C4 Picasso features a range of innovations to make driving easier and more relaxing, including;

360 Vision, an exclusive feature in the segment that uses four cameras placed around the car to give the driver a bird’s eye view, a rear view or a panoramic front view to extend the driver’s field of vision, making manoeuvres easier

Park Assist, which provides automatic assistance when manoeuvring into a tight parking space, whether parallel parking or reversing straight back. All the driver has to do is manage acceleration and braking.

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