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The Great Indian Peninsula Railway pulls-up at Kitchen Party

1st July 2013 Print
The Great Indian Peninsular Railway

This summer will see The Great Indian Peninsula Railway pull-up four times between 11th July – 3rd August at Kitchen Party in Clerkenwell.

Curated by Bourne & Hollingsworth, Kitchen Party’s is a fully immersive dining, drinking and entertainment concept with a mission to gather some of London's most exciting chefs and culinary entrepreneurs collaboratively for the first time, under one roof.

Located in a three-floored airy space just off Exmouth Market, Kitchen Party provides a blank canvas for new talent and gastronomic stars alike to tell their individual stories whilst being involved in a much bigger narrative, and boy does The Great Indian Peninsula Railway have a story to tell...

Picture the scene... a bustling railway platform in Rangoon. Street vendors dart between the crowds of smartly dressed passengers hawking their wares, tea urns filled to the brim and hand-woven baskets balanced acrobatically on their heads. Improbably skinny porters heave giant leather trunks on their backs as colonial ladies in their petticoats fan themselves in the shade.

Now picture this... the whistle blows and the last remaining passengers step into the cool oasis of the first class carriage. There are rows of red leather booths on either side, white linen tablecloths, wood panels and ceiling fans whir overhead. They take their place among the ruddy faces of their fellow travelling companions. The train is ready to depart.

What is the Great Indian Peninsula Railway?

The Great Indian Peninsula Railway is a seven-course culinary journey from one side of the Indian Empire, to the other. The setting is a colonial railway carriage, staffed by uniformed waiters in traditional dress and each course from the tasting menu takes in a different stop along the way, from Rangoon in the east to Kashmir in the west. It’s a journey of the senses: indulgent, immersive and full of surprises.

From the hapless chai wallah to the officious ticket inspector, guests will enjoy a variety of entertainment as the imaginary train steams its way across the subcontinent. Passengers will be given a complimentary cocktail on arrival and with each fantasy stop they are invited to disembark the train and wet their whistles at the Bourne and Hollingsworth bar as well as refresh their palate with complimentary local tea infusions carefully selected by the on board team.

The meal – a mind-blowing seven-course tasting menu – is expertly prepared by Oliver Templeton, with each dish inspired by his own travels across the subcontinent. The Great Indian Peninsula Railway have also partnered with Cocoa Hernando India, purveyors of the finest chai-infused chocolate, just to make your journey that little bit sweeter...

Following on from Mile High and Vieux Quebec, The Great Indian Peninsula Railway is the third interactive and immersive culinary adventure to be brought to you by Shuttlecock-inc. Formed by four cousins from the creative Templeton family (since dubbed the Von Trapp’s of the foodie world): Anna, Ollie, Will and Ed; who share a wealth of experience in the events, theatre, culinary, cocktail, music and advertising worlds, Shuttlecock-inc aims to surprise and enchant at every stop, turn and corner.

So for a first class culinary journey through time and travel – all aboard The Great Indian Peninsula Railway

The Great Indian Peninsula Railway at Kitchen Party

Tickets: £65pp for a 7 course tasting adventure, tea infusions and a complimentary cocktail on arrival

11- 13 July 2013
18- 20 July 2013
25 -27 July 2013
1-3 August 2013

42 Northampton Road


Thursday - 6pm - 12.30am - Friday and Saturday, 6pm - 2am

Kitchen Party:

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The Great Indian Peninsular Railway