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All-new Yamaha D’elight scooter

24th July 2013 Print
Yamaha D’elight

Yamaha is one of the Europe's leading scooter brands, and the company currently offers one of the widest and most exciting model line ups from 50cc right up to 530cc, including the EC-03 electric commuter model.
The range is constantly evolving and changing with the arrival of new and uprated scooters such as the latest Aerox R and X-MAX 400 models, and there are over 30 models and variants in the current line up. Our absolute commitment to two wheels, combined with an all-consuming desire to bring innovative and exciting designs to the street, has made the Yamaha brand one of the most respected names in the industry.
For the 2014 model year Yamaha announce the launch of the new D’elight scooter, an attractive, compact and affordable retro-style model which combines a competitive price with fashionable good looks and great fuel economy.
This new scooter is one of the lightest and most compact models in the category and its low weight and agile, user-friendly handling characteristics make the D'elight ideally suited to urban commuting.
The up-to-125cc sector accounts for around 60% of the total market for scooters in Europe, making it the single biggest category in the powered two-wheeler world. The demand for 125cc scooters is projected to increase steadily in future years, spurred on by factors such as increasing fuel costs and worsening inner-city congestion.
The demand for economical and practical transport solutions has never been greater and the new D'elight is aimed at those customers who want a stylish, practical and affordable solution to their everyday transport requirements.
Powered by a fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine housed in a compact chassis, the new Yamaha D’elight combines style with economy and quality with performance, making it a very attractive and enjoyable alternative to the car, public transport and other value-for-money scooters.
D'elight: Take a closer look
Light, agile and easy to ride
One of the most important and significant aspects of the new D’elight is the fact that it is one of the lightest and most compact scooters in the class, making it ideally suited to urban commuting where agility and ease of use are important attributes. In fact, the D'elight is so light and compact that its overall weight and dimensions have more in common with many current 50cc scooters.
Yamaha's designers were able to build this new scooter to 50cc-class dimensions by using a specially designed tubular chassis, into which they have installed a compact 114cc air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine.
The technical data may not mean a great deal when written down on a specification sheet, but for the typical rider these dimensions mean that the D’elight is one of the most compact, agile and easy-to-ride scooters in any category.
In everyday use around town, the D’elight's low weight of 98 kg, together with its 50cc-class dimensions make riding, turning and parking so much easier.
To illustrate the point, it is worth noting that the turning radius of the new D’elight is just 1.8 metres, which is actually 200mm less than the 50cc Neo's.
And for even easier low-speed riding and enhanced manoeuvrability, the D’elight is also equipped with a remarkably low seat height of just 755mm, which is one of the lowest in the category.
Economical urban transport at an affordable price
Not only is the new D’elight one of the most economical forms of two-wheeled transport, it is also positioned in the marketplace at an affordable price. This extremely competitive purchase cost has been achieved by the use of relatively straightforward but effective technology, such as the air-cooled 2- valve 4-stroke engine.
This combination of an affordable purchase price and outstanding economy - together with the ultra-compact and agile chassis - make the D’elight a very attractive proposition for new and existing scooter riders. D’elight is the clear choice for commuters and city dwellers who are looking for a simple, reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to their urban transportation problems.
Classic and elegant styling
The new Yamaha D’elight represents a new direction for Yamaha because its elegant lines give it a classic look that is not commonly seen on a Yamaha scooter. The gracefully curving bodywork offers the rider excellent wind protection as well as a roomy riding position, while the well padded stitched dual seat and colour co-ordinated grab rail accentuate the classic style and allow the rider to carry a passenger in comfort.
The elegant bodywork succeeds in seamlessly blending the old with the new to give the D’elight a fresh and distinctive image. The eye-shaped handlebarmounted headlight, as well as the high front fender and white-faced retro-style analogue instrumentation have a thoroughly ‘60s feel.
Other attractive features include the integrated taillight and rear indicators, as well as the flush-fitting streamlined front turn signals. For added convenience the D'elight comes equipped with a small open glove box in the knee panel area, as well as a helmet hook and flip-out passenger footrests. Featuring lightweight 3-spoke cast alloy wheels and a high quality of finish, the D'elight blends classic style with contemporary 21st century design to give it a distinctive and fashionable image.
Attractive overall specification
Although the new D’elight's purchase price will be set at a highly competitive level which will mirror that of some of the newer Asian brands in the marketplace, this stylish and appealing scooter is nevertheless able to offer its customers an attractive overall specification.
The classic styling gives the D’elight an undeniably chic and fashionable image, which is complemented by a black footboard and front panel. Together with the black stitched seat, this practical and refreshing design matches exceptionally well with the body colour options of Milky White, Midnight Black and Magnetic Bronze.
Other attractive touches include a fuel filler cap and storage pocket located in front of the rider's knees and the underseat storage is designed to accommodate a demi-jet type helmet.
Quiet and economical 4-stroke engine
At the heart of this attractive new lightweight scooter is a quiet and economical 114cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine which benefits from YMJET-FI (Yamaha Mixture Jet-Fuel Injection) technology. Technically speaking, this system uses an auxiliary air intake passage beside the main air intake passage to provide an 'air assist' which gives improved mixing of the fuel and air for enhanced combustion efficiency. The real-world advantage of this straightforward but effective system is that it improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.
Strong acceleration
Featuring a bore and stroke of 50.0mm x 57.9mm, the 114cc engine is 'over square', which, together with its proven 2-valve layout, tends to give a relatively strong torque output at low to mid engine speeds. Indeed, the maximum torque of 7.7Nm is produced at 5,500rpm, which gives the D’elight plenty of strong pulling power for lively acceleration. This ability to accelerate smoothly and quickly is one of the most important qualities on a scooter which is going to spend much of its time at zipping in and out of traffic and doing a lot of stop-start riding, such as pulling away from junctions and traffic lights.
Simple and compact forced air-cooled design
The character and specification of the D’elight's quiet and economical forced air-cooled engine have been designed to suit the typical daily usage which it will experience, namely urban commuting.
In this situation, where there is a lot of stop-start riding and average speeds are relatively low, forced air-cooling is eminently suitable. This is because the engine is force-fed with cool air all of the time it is running, whether the D’elight is moving or sitting still in a traffic jam. The other important advantage of this simple forced air-cooled design is that it can often be lighter and more compact than an equivalent liquid-cooled engine, and this is what has allowed Yamaha's designers to fit the 114cc engine into such a compact 50cc-sized chassis.
Lightweight alloy wheels
For easy steering and responsive suspension, the new D’elight runs with lightweight 3-spoke alloy wheels that are fitted with 90/90-12 tyres front and rear. As well as giving good traction and a comfortable ride, these popularsized tyres are also economical to replace compared to the extra-wide designs used on some scooters, which helps to keep overall running costs low.
180mm front disc brake
D’elight riders can also be sure that their scooter's braking performance is up there with the best, thanks to its large diameter 180mm front disc brake. The lightweight drilled disc is slowed by a compact single-pot caliper, and together with the rear drum brake it offers smooth and even stopping performance.
Key features
Well-balanced urban commuter
Smart retro-style bodywork with modern technology
Affordable price with high build quality
Compact body with low 755mm seat height
125cc-class performance with 50cc-class agility
High fuel efficiency with strong acceleration
114cc air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine
Underseat storage for a demi-jet type helmet
Only 98kg – the lightest Yamaha 125cc-class scooter
180mm front disc brake
3-spoke alloy 12-inch wheels
Roomy, stitched dual seat
Flush-fitting indicators
New Yamaha D’elight. Stylish, affordable and easy to ride
Featuring a lightweight chassis wrapped up in classically styled bodywork, the D'elight brings a touch of class to the important sub-£2000 125cc scooter class. Its quiet and economical 4-stroke engine delivers strong acceleration for zippy urban performance, and with its agile handling and user-friendly nature, the D'elight makes stylish and affordable two-wheeled transport accessible to all those commuters who are looking for a cheaper, easier and more enjoyable way to start each day.
New Yamaha D’elight:
Few other scooters in any category can offer so much for so little.
Colour options
WM6 – Milky White
SMX – Midnight Black
VDOM1 – Magnetic Bronze

Suggested Retail Price:
XC115S D’elight £1799
plus road fund and first reg. fees.

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Yamaha D’elight