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10 best British military kit stores

14th August 2013 Print

Do you need a military kit? There are plenty of places where you can buy all of the things that you need for military service. Below we feature 10 of the best online stores to kit yourself out for military service. Because there’s a lot of money spent on a military kit, it makes a lot of sense to find a good source of supplies and tools for your kit. It's also a wise idea to purchase military kit insurance to protect your investment and make sure that you don't have a faulty kit. A military kit is easily lost, stolen, or damaged and thus needs protection from much of what may be thrown at it.

1. Becketts Adventure
Based in Norfolk, they sell all of the things that you could ever want for your military kit. The store has many different types of backpacks and luggage pieces which are well-suited for extreme combat situations.

2. Nightgear
Focused on selling tactical equipment, Nightgear offers plenty of clothing and accessories for the military customer who needs to work within a tough environment. The company is based in Louth at the Fairfield Industrial Estate.

3. Dixies Corner
Dixies Corner sells tactical boots and military apparel - everything from trousers to hats. Their equipment is top of the line and offers plenty of advantages to the user. The company is based in Powys, Wales.

4. Silvermans
Silvermans is another supplier with a wide selection with badges, belts, and footwear. The company is based in Edgware.

5. Military-Supplies
They supply many of the common brands which are popular amongst military personnel, such as Under Armour and many others. The company is based in North Yorkshire.

6. RV Ops
RV Opps provides tools, flashlights, boots, and field kits. They are based in Plymouth and are known for being a top-notch supplier.

7. Ukmc Pro
UKMC Pro offers tactical gear as well as rifles at an affordable cost. It is well-regarded as a fantastic source of military equipment for all those whom are serving. The company is based in Hampshire.

8. Cadets.UK
This store has cookers, tents, stationery, and first-aid kits. It is based out of Glasgow and has anything that military members could ever want. They even have gift vouchers for those whom would like to give military equipment to relatives and loved ones as a gift.

9. Army Sales
This is a supplier of genuine Ministry of Defence equipment and supplies. Important military forms, vehicle parts, clothing, lamps, and stoves are sold by Army Sales. The company is based in Pollington, Goole.

10. Global Military Supplies
First Aid, Navigation, rations, waterproofing, and stationery can be found here. The company is based in Suffolk.

If you are looking for a military kit, make sure that you purchase military kit insurance. It is easy for something to happen to your military kit when you are serving with the armed forces. This is one of the best ways to protect an investment.

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