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Top 5 summery updates for your living room

2nd September 2013 Print

Now that summer is finally here (well… sort of, at least – and only a couple of months late!), we can get out there and enjoy some sunshine, warm weather and perhaps even a barbecue or two. We have to make the most of our… week or so of summer!

One thing that can spoil a good summery mood is a drab home. To truly feel like the sunshine is in your life, you need clean, bright colours in your abode. This way, you can feel like you’re enjoying the sun whether you’re indoors or out, and even get a sunny feeling when sheltering from the predictable summer rain.

Here are some of our favourite ways to update your living room. We think it’s the most important room, as you spend a lot of time there, and will usually entertain guests in there too. Follow our tips to breathe a new lease of life into your living room with ease; then you can move on to the rest of your home!

Get Floral

What could be more suitable for the summer months than a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Nowadays, floral prints are nothing like what they were in the 70s – the abominations your nan had are no more; those chintzy horrible patterns have been replaced by bright and brilliant blooms!

Blurred florals are the best – choose something that looks similar to a watercolour to offset the other pieces.

Statement Rugs

Make a statement with a truly bold rug, like this gorgeous, starry one. The best way to work one of these beauties is to pop it on a natural, wooden floor.

Match your furniture with similar colours to really make things pop!

Sail the Seven Seas

The new thing is nautical – get that coastal feeling by adding some seasidey charm – take a look in charity shops and car boot sales for older pieces, and combine them with fabulous new patterns on your furniture.

The best things? Stripy fabrics (light, with blues and reds), with a whitewash floor and wall. Naval accessories are good too – think anchors, knots and beach signs.


No, we don’t want you having a supernatural experience – no need to crack out the potter’s wheel and a Ouija board! Instead, put some decorated pottery on display in your home; maybe as a centrepiece or as a nice addition to your mantelpiece.

One of our favourite designs is the new “Crazy Daisy” from Sophie Coran and Portmeirion Pottery – click here to take a look at the beauts!

Window Stickers

No longer tacky or horrible, these days you can get some absolutely gorgeous window stickers. Create a bit of personal privacy by using a frosted effect one, and make them into a talking point by matching up the design with the room’s overall mood.

There’s no need to cover up these bad boys – show them off with pride!