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Breast friend - three quarters of women ‘love’ their boobs

6th September 2013 Print

Three quarters of women love their boobs, a new study has found. Researchers revealed that despite women often complaining about their breasts, a large percentage are 100% content with their size, shape and fullness.

Most said their breasts gave them confidence, while others hailed their bosoms and cleavage for the fact they make them feel ‘more feminine’.

Only one in 20 of the 2,000 women who took part in the poll said they ‘hate’ their breasts, with their size the most common complaint.

It also emerged that a 34D is a woman’s ideal bra size – just two larger than the most common size of 34B.

A spokesman for Triumph, launching their Beauty-Full range of fuller cup bras, said: “While there are many things which can boost a woman’s confidence, it seems having breasts you love and feel confident in really helps with your self-esteem.

“Breasts are such a big symbol of femininity and they can really make a difference to how a woman feels about themselves and their appearance.”

It also emerged 38% of women are mostly happy with the size of their breasts, while another 22% like their shape.

More than one in five encouragingly like everything about their breasts, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Just over half of the women polled also admitted they often wear clothes to highlight their breasts, with 47% believing their cleavage is the biggest symbol of their femininity.

Seven in ten women also say their breasts make them feel good about themselves.

But of the third who wish they could change their breasts, 28% wish they were bigger while a quarter want to go the other way and reduce their bra size.

Four in ten wish they were firmer and almost a fifth would like to change their shape.

Researchers also found that one in five women have a cup size of D or above and a quarter say this makes them feel more feminine.

Almost half of women said that some fuller cup collections can often make them feel more conscious of their breasts due to thick straps and high cut detailing making them appear frumpy.

A Triumph spokesman added: “The lingerie and clothes you wear can have a huge impact on the appearance of your breasts and could be the difference between whether you love or hate them. We’ve found that women really feel great fitting lingerie really is a hidden layer of confidence’

“A good, properly fitting bra can not only affect the shape of your breasts, but if size is your concern, there are plenty of ways to give the illusion of larger or smaller breasts using just the right clothes and lingerie.”