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Pinpoint free tyre safety checks with new dealer locator

25th September 2013 Print
Dealer locator

TyreSafe has launched an on-line dealer locator for motorists to use during tyre October’s safety month to help them find tyre retailers and dealers offering free tyre health checks throughout the month.
The brand new resource – which can be found at - is a key part of this year’s tyre safety month campaign. Visitors simply need to enter their postcode to find their nearest tyre retailer whose qualified staff will be able to provide a free tyre safety check.
“Tyre safety month has many firsts in 2013, not least the launch of our online locator which shows those tyre retailers and dealers, all of whom are TyreSafe members, offering free tyre safety checks in October.
“These free inspections will include checking that the tyre has adequate tread depth and the correct air pressure. The tyre experts will also give the tyre a visual inspection to check its overall condition to ensure it is legal and as safe as possible,” explained Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.
This year’s tyre safety month will focus on educating drivers about the importance of ensuring their tyres are correctly inflated.
It follows results from a recent pan-European vehicle survey conducted by one TyreSafe member involving some 27,000 cars. The study highlighted the scale of the problem as it found that 78 percent of cars were being driven on under-inflated tyres. Perhaps more alarming was the fact that more than a quarter of the sample (28.4 percent) had tyres that were either seriously or severely underinflated, greatly reducing their safety on the road.
Under-inflated tyres are a serious road safety hazard as they are more likely to overheat and suffer from rapid failure. This happens most often at high speeds, typically on busy motorways or A-roads, placing the driver, any passengers and other road users at great risk.
Tyres which are not inflated properly also wear out quicker as they suffer rapid or uneven wear on the outer edges of the tread. They also cause the vehicle to use more fuel as their rolling resistance increases.
“Ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated provides a host of benefits for drivers. This online safety check locator will become an invaluable tool, helping drivers to pinpoint those retailers with trained technicians who will happily provide a free tyre health check,” added Jackson.
For more information about the importance of correct tyre pressure, or to find the location of your nearest tyre centre offering free tyre safety checks during tyre safety month, visit

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Dealer locator