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One in four homes harbouring a ‘clutter-room’

4th October 2013 Print

Britain has become a nation of hoarders – with as many as one in four homes now boasting a ‘clutter-room’, it has emerged. A study found millions of us use the spare room to ‘put away’ outdated gadgets, furniture or other belongings which we can no longer find a use for or which we have upgraded.

But the report also found we are torn between keeping our junk, and throwing it out – with as many as seven out of ten adults admitting being ‘stressed out’ by clutter.

And around nine out of ten of those who took part in the study of 1000 adults said they aspired to lead less-cluttered lives,

The figures emerged from a European study which also revealed British women find clutter harder to cope with than their foreign counterparts.

Spokeswoman Anastasia Roumeliotiof for Ariel, which commissioned the report to mark the launch of their Ariel 3in1 Pods, said: ”The amount of accumulated clutter in the UK is amazing.

”It can fill up more than 6 million rooms with unwanted items.”

The study also found one in four women now buy multifunctioning products to save space.