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Peugeot exceeds expectations on 2013 MPG Marathon

15th October 2013 Print
Peugeot 308

In the ever-challenging MPG Marathon, this year held from Tankersley, near Sheffield, three new Peugeot cars were pitched against their latest competitors to highlight real-world economy driving. 
Two New Peugeot 308 HDi 92 models were entered with sub 100g/km CO2 and a Combined Drive Cycle exceeding 75mpg, along with the 208 GTi, more likely to be sought for its 200bhp output, agility and acceleration, but with CO2 at an impressively low 139g/km and a Combined Drive Cycle at 47.9mpg is clearly an accomplished all-round performer.
This year’s event for the first time had five set locations across the UK (Lincoln, York, Manchester, Burton-upon-Trent & Tankersley) but relied on the navigation skills of the co-driver to chance the best route in real-world driving conditions.
The final results show that with the intention of economical driving, it is possible to exceed the Government’s 'New Car Fuel Consumption and Emission Figures' (Directive 93/116/EC as amended by Regulation (EC) 692/2008) as John Kendall and Paul Nieuwenhuis in the petrol-powered 208 GTi achieved 59.39mpg over 341.1 miles – ‘the best percentage improvement’ (24%) and ‘best MPG in Class 2’.
Driving the New 308 Chris Russon, who writes for the Trinity Mirror Regional Newspaper Group, with co-driver Kevin Jones achieved 82.04mpg over 350.5 miles - the ‘best percentage improvement in Class 3’ (10.4%) and the ‘2nd best percentage improvement’, while Ian Robertson of DieselCar magazine and co-driver Marc-Antoine Negre achieved 77.15mpg over 353 miles - ‘3rd best percentage improvement’ (3.8%).
Full details of the 2013 MPG Marathon are available at
Commenting on his achievements in the MPG Marathon, Chris Russon said: “While it is important that most new cars are declaring improved economy, the fact that the New Peugeot 308 has reduced its weight by some 140kg – equivalent to two adults – means that achieving good economy is much more likely, and driven with that in mind it not only brings great achievements but makes for safer driving too.”

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Peugeot 308