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For no mess, no mud it’s got to be LazyLawn

29th December 2013 Print

Home owners across London are discovering the secret to a mud and mess-free garden lies with turfing out their natural grass in favour of joining the LazyLawn revolution.

The UK’s leading brand of artificial grass is rolling out its LazyLawn across the city, as more and more people choose to swap their natural turf for a no mess, low maintenance alternative.

From Amanda Holden to Alan Titchmarsh, LazyLawn is the latest garden must-have for a number of household names and ensures there’ll be no more muddy footprints walked through the house.

Andy Driver, Marketing Director at LazyLawn, comments: “Come rain, wind or shine, LazyLawn is the secret to having an attractive garden all year round.

“With autumn now upon us and winter just round the corner, many people are finding their gardens are too wet and too muddy to spend time in, but our artificial turf makes it possible to get out in the garden whatever the time of year.

“In particular, LazyLawn has become increasingly popular with pet owners and parents, as pets and children can play on the lawn without creating a mess and without bringing mud back into the house.

“Unlike natural turf, LazyLawn is incredibly fast draining; with a drainage time of 60 litres per minute it’s the perfect solution to a messy, muddy garden.”

Families, pet owners, lazy gardeners and those who haven’t the time for garden maintenance are just some of the customers that have added to the 20% increase in demand for LazyLawn over the last 12 months.

The artificial grass specialist is now inviting home owners to visit its Chiswick office and show gardens, on Sutton Lane North, where they can see for themselves how 150 square metres of artificial turf has been used to create a number of inspirational gardens.

Andy continues: “As LazyLawn comes in different shades and different styles, we’ve created a number of different gardens to demonstrate how versatile our artificial turf is.

“From replacing your existing lawn to covering an area of decking, balconies to roof top gardens, there’s a LazyLawn solution for every size and shape of garden.

“As well as being fast draining, LazyLawn requires no mowing, no watering and little maintenance, so there are plenty of reasons to consider replacing your existing lawn with an artificial one.

“Our artificial lawns look and feel authentic thanks to the pioneering technology we have developed and it’s the only artificial grass that has a realistic appearance and the ability to bounce back.”

Unlike other artificial grass, LazyLawn has a realistic look, which is achieved by the colour mix and texture of the individual strands; these are made from soft, yet durable polyethylene, and are fully UV stabilised to prevent fading.

Ensuring there’s a shade of LazyLawn for everyone, the firm also has a vibrant range of turf in blue, yellow, red, pink, orange, purple, black, white and grey, which have been used as part of Selfridges’ famous window displays and events.

Home owners in London have been found to spend the least amount of time in their gardens compared to other regions in England, an HSBC garden survey revealed in 2012 - a figure LazyLawn is on a mission to change.

Londoners have been found to spend an average of 74 days per year in their garden, while those in East Anglia spend those most time in their outdoor space, clocking up 112 days in their garden every year.

Andy adds: “We are on a mission to help London home owners rediscover their gardens and create a low maintenance outdoor space that they can enjoy all year round – without the hard work.

“LazyLawn offers many benefits for those who would rather spend quality time in their garden.

“There’s certainly a growing interest in artificial lawns in London and we expect the trend to continue as more people realise they can achieve a perfect lawn without any hard work at all.”

It’s not just home owners who have joined the LazyLawn revolution, a number of high profile projects have also embraced the benefits of having a lush green lawn whatever the weather.

In fact, LazyLawn was the first artificial grass brand to ever appear at a Chelsea Flower Show, provided £250,000 worth of turf for the London 2012 Olympic Village and has installed the Big Brother garden for eight consecutive years.

Find out how your garden can be transformed by visiting LazyLawn London, Sutton Lane North, Chiswick, London W4 4LD, or log on to

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