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M&S Bank urges holidaymakers heading to Iceland to plan ahead

21st November 2013 Print

M&S Bank is urging holidaymakers heading to Iceland this winter to plan their holiday money in advance, due to shortages in Icelandic Krona across the industry.

Fraser Millar, Head of Travel Money at M&S Bank, said: “We generally see an increase in holidaymakers heading to Iceland around this time of year to see the northern lights and we want to encourage them to make alternative arrangements for their holiday money to ensure the shortage of Icelandic Krona doesn’t have an impact on their holiday.
“While we’d usually recommend that holidaymakers purchase their travel money well in advance, if they’re unable to purchase krona before they depart we’d like to reassure those heading to Iceland that it’s possible to exchange British pounds into krona upon arrival. However, we’d also encourage them to check the exchange rates offered. In addition, credit and debit cards are widely accepted throughout Iceland.”
Follow Fraser’s tips:

Banks and many hotels in Iceland can exchange British pounds – however, it’s worth remembering that banks tend to offer more competitive exchange rates

Cards are a common form of payment in Iceland - the majority of shops and businesses accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards

If you prefer to take some form of cash with you, some shops catering to tourists will also accept payment in US dollars or euros – again, this may not always offer the most competitive exchange rate

Finally, be aware of counterfeit notes if exchanging money on arrival